Google’s video platform, youtube, is at the frontier Portfolio video accessibility and innovation. In closed captioning it’s in a unique position. Captioning a very wide range of content Much of it not theirs free. In the streaming media conference session on. Best practices for implementing accessible video captioning, youtube product manager at google. Brad ellis offers insight into the future of accessible video, why universal accessibility. Is important to google and how subtitles improve content discovery. Ellis and his team embraced this guideline as they attempted. To remove barriers to video captioning whether it’s Portfolio using subtitles to help people who. Are hard of hearing or because translated subtitles appeal to international audiences. Although this may be true Video accessibility is a priority for youtube the easiest way to create youtube captions you tube. 3play media integration 3play media’s round-trip integration with .

Youtube Provides an Automated Workflow for Adding Captions Portfolio

Your youtube videos can be processed within hours Portfolio and captions. Will be automatically sent to youtube and added to your videos. Learn more about youtube captioning youtube’s captions team doesn’t. Go in and grab captions for anything. But we are building a Portfolio platform that allows. Anyone to upload subtitles in over 20 different formats and then display those. Subtitles on all youtube players we also create tools for people who create their. Own subtitles for their content to easily and quickly create subtitles for their videos. Our goal is simply to make every video understandable for every user. A very long-term goal, but that’s what we aspire to. Youtube’s automatic captions have received quite a bit of flak. Not just because they’re error-prone but because some video creators. Mistakenly think they’re good enough to accommodate deaf users.

Google’s Mission Is to Make All Information Accessible to Everyone Portfolio



We applaud google for taking over web accessibility Portfolio and being a role.Model for other global media companies after all, google knows that youtube. Automatic captions aren’t perfect we know there are problems. But coming back to our long-term goal of making every Portfolio video understandable. On the other hand To every user, technology is the only way to scale says ellis. At the same time With over 80 hours of video uploaded to youtube every minut. Technology is a necessary aid to help as many creators as possible add video captions. It’s ultimately up to the content creator if the video downloader. Did not add subtitles itself, we try our best to help someone who needs subtitles. It’s not perfect, and we have a lot of mistakes we’re working harder to make it better and better.

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