Each redirected page: moved permanently header each Saudi Arabia Phone Number page must be saved as a php file for this to work. Once your 301 redirects are set, submit the old sitemaps to the google and bing search engines to send their spiders to crawl your sites and take note of changes and redirects. It’s also a good idea to request a change of address with google (much like you do at the post office when you move house). Finally, submit the updated sitemap for the new blog to google and bing. Related content at hand: tips and tools to make sure speed Saudi Arabia Phone Number ​​doesn’t kill your site crawl errors google search console contains a virtual abundance of toys.

Tools and Useful Data Saudi Arabia Phone Number

Crawl errors can highlight persistent problems Saudi Arabia Phone Number that spiders are having while crawling your new two-in-one blog. Monitor crawl errors every few days for at least the first month to make sure everything is fine. Related content on Saudi Arabia Phone Number hand: 5 social media seo strategies you need to know before launching conclusion migrations and mergers can get complicated very quickly depending on the size and scope of the blogs involved. If you’re merging blogs with lots of posts and complex architecture, it might be worth finding a web developer with migration experience to do it all for you. The cost you incur will be small peanuts compare to the frustration you avoid. It’s a good thing. And the same goes for merging blogs.

Done Right, the Benefits in Terms of  Saudi Arabia Phone Number

Saudi Arabia Phone Number

Seo juice, content upgrades, and sense of Saudi Arabia Phone Number accomplishment are unmatche. Good for you and for your business. Go ahead and merge. Related content at hand: the ultimate blog marketing checklist: 65 tips, tools & resources have you ever tried a blog merger? What obstacles and solutions did you encounter? Leave your comments below. Note: all tools include in our blog posts are suggeste by the authors and not by the cmi editorial team. No publication can provide all the relevant tools in the space. Feel free to Saudi Arabia Phone include additional tools in the comments (from your company or ones you’ve used). Want to develop your content technology skills for free? Register for contenttech.

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