It had been going on for months Denmark WhatsApp Number List  done. The FCC voted this Monday, June 11 the end of net neutrality in the United States, despite a fierce fight by supporters of one of the founding principles of the Internet. The fast lanes of the net are impenetrable By putting an end to net neutrality, the FCC therefore authorizes the country’s major operators and Internet providers to provide better connection to certain services. We take for example Comcast, media giant and leading American cable operator, which could favor its services to the detriment of its competitors such as Netflix, Disney or PBS. Internet service providers therefore have free rein on these “fast lanes” of the web

and will thus be able to compose subscriptions at various and varied prices depending on the services included. No drastic changes in the first few months For the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the battle is lost but not the war. Supporters of net neutrality expect a shorter or longer period of inaction, while the discontent subsides. “ After June 11, you can expect the ISPs to do little, if anything at all. Then, after a while, they will point to their inaction as proof that we were wrong not to trust them and their promise not to violate network neutrality ”. The organization continues: “ and guess what? Before we know it, a tidal wave will have swept away the free and open Internet we all rely on. When we will first feel the impact of this loss is unknown, […] the fight is far from over

The Fast Lanes Of The Net Are Impenetrable

The supporters of net neutrality are indeed numerous, it is estimated that more than 8 in 10 Americans (Republicans and Democrats) are in favor, as well as web giants like Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter and PayPal. The principle is simple: “a simple act, a major impact”. Runners geolocate the waste encountered on their route during their run, thanks to a dedicated application. This report allows them to pass the information on to the municipalities, so that they install garbage cans and other containers in places often marked as dirty. A great environmental initiative which also has an awareness-raising mission (hummingbird effect). An effort again noticed by Facebook, which sent a team to Nantes to make a video (at its expense) which illustrates the concept.


Mark Zuckerberg then shared the video on his profile (with his 83 million followers at the time) which boosted the community which grew dramatically while generating media interest. Since then, Run Eco Team has been present in 103 countries, has organized more than 500 events and has more than 50,000 members around the world, who run solo or meet at gatherings. A world-class run is even scheduled for September 15 for the “Run Cleaning Day”, where the administrators will try to organize a run by time zone. who run solo or meet at gatherings. A world-class run is even scheduled for September 15 for the “Run Cleaning Day”

No Drastic Changes In The First Few Months

For its part, Access Inclusive tech chaired by Jean-Christophe Arnaune aims to put digital at the center of activities and provide real professional paths. “Digital technology is a gigantic field of learning. The opportunities to develop skills are numerous and very interesting, ”he says. Created in October 2016, Access has 25 career employees. How to facilitate access to employment? For Élodie Salin from the Simplon school, the best way to properly prepare new profiles is to have them work with the company. In some cases, it’s not complicated: there are companies that are convinced by the value of detecting new talent and diversity. For them, profiles with lower qualifications are a way of spotting different talents and behaviors. There are other companies which are less convinced: in this case, the Simplon school works with them upstream and helps them in the detection of talents and aptitudes.

Companies indeed have enormous needs in these digital professions, and the gaze will not necessarily focus on paths or profiles that do not come from an engineering training etc. However, companies today need transversal skills. For some missions and projects, companies will not need to recruit engineering skills. For their part, as profiles in high demand, engineers will not show interest in missions without real challenges or problems that are not at their level. Companies therefore express a need more oriented towards the ability to interact with other teams, professions or expertise rather than purely technical skills. From these needs is born a learning methodology at Simplon, based on concrete experience.


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