The Next Web announced the news Bahrain WhatsApp Number List cable car is no longer the least popular emoji on Twitter! This was the case for 77 days, before his title was stolen and thus moved to second position in the ranking of the least used emojis on the social network. The least used emoji? The ABCD symbol According to the @leastUsedEmoji bot – which sends automatic updates on the ranking of the least used Twitter emojis to its 16,000 followers – the new winner is the ABCD symbol. All data comes from emojitracker , a dashboard that analyzes all tweets for emojis since 2014. The site tracks 845 approved emojis and provides real-time statistics on their usage. Not surprisingly, the most used face is the teary laughter face.

emojitracker Some tweeters have mobilized for the cable car to gain in popularity On Twitter, some users have taken action to see the cable car emoji gain popularity, which has likely contributed to its new position as number 2 in the least used ranking. Will they repeat the operation to change the status of the ABCD emoji? Nothing is less certain, especially given the difficulty of housing and its almost zero usefulnessThe fight between collaborative tools has just experienced a new episode. Slack has just announced the acquisition of HipChat and Stride from Atlassian. These 2 services will be closed by Slack, which on this occasion forges special relationships with Atlassian,

The Least Used Emoji? The Abcd Symbol

which notably owns Trello, Jira or Confluence. slack Slack therefore buys historic competitors from the giant Atlassian in order to strengthen its position against Microsoft Teams and Facebook Workplace. The 2 purchased products will be closed, in order to give Slack more weight. Atlassian has also announced that it is investing in Slack, in order to form an alliance between the two players. This suggests a strong integration of Jira and Trello in Slack, and interesting synergies between the different products. Integrations that will further strengthen the increasingly important place of the platform in the professional lives of web workers. Slack now claims 8 million users including 3 million paying users. The company is said to be valued at around $ 5 billion, and is still not listed on the stock market.Facebook is finally (a little) impacted by the latest scandals.


The social network has indeed just presented historically bad results for the second quarter of 2018: growth at half-mast, a loss of users in certain markets, and rising operating costs. It did not take more to see the action go down on the stock market. Growth at half mast facebook-mau Facebook announces for this Q2 2018 2.23 billion users worldwide. Growth of only 1.54%, while in Q1 it was 3.14%. facebook-growth The platform also has 1.47 billion daily users, an increase of only 1.44%, historically low. facebook-dau If the decline in growth is predictable, because everyone is already using Facebook, the social network is facing another worrying phenomenon: the loss of users in key markets.

Some Tweeters Have Mobilized

Facebook has indeed lost 1 million users in Europe (from 377 to 376 million users). Financial results that disappoint Facebook was also disappointed in terms of financial results with $ 13.23 billion in sales in Q2. The market expected 13.36 billion, which partly explains the sharp drop in the action. What also worries observers: the increasingly important expenses, in particular in security. Facebook reports spending up 50% to $ 7.4 billion. Mark Zuckerberg also warned that these investments would continue, and that this would have effects on profitability. The accumulation of these poor results, and the announcement of a “crucial” year for Facebook according to its CEO, have plunged the stock by 20% in a few hours. A loss of capitalization of 123 billion all the same .

The success of the stories Facebook took the opportunity to provide other information on its products, and in particular to launch a new measurement figure. The social network has indeed announced that 2.5 billion people use at least one product from the Facebook galaxy (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or Messenger). An interesting figure, since it indicates the number of people, and not of accounts. It also shows that despite the lack of interest in Facebook, other products are making up for lost users. facebook-stories-q2 Another interesting data shared by Facebook: the massive success of stories. We have learned that 150 million users use Facebook stories daily, and 400 million users use Instagram stories. A figure that greatly exceeds the number of Snapchat users.


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