There are still things we can do to get conversions – how much of our marketing is designed to actually make people happy to buy from us? When it happened, did we do it on purpose? What is the formula for Brazil Phone Number happiness? Over the years, I have studied many so-called formulas that can predict a person’s happiness. But these often involve complex factors that vary from person to person. What makes me happy may not make you happy, which is cool.

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Happiness formula I’ve defined for short- and long-term marketing impact is pretty simple, but, with the right application, can be fantastic formula Let me break it down with a story – we all love stories, right? Or, every other Brazil Phone Number marketer tells us “you need to tell a story.” Not if you don’t have scary stories. unhappy customer You’ve booked a weekend getaway for you and your friends. You both booked an affordable hotel, and although the reviews weren’t great, the pictures the hotel gave you were great. You and your friends upgraded the hotel so much before your arrival that you expect a 10/10.

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When you arrive, the reality is that you get an 8/10 experience. Your expectations are beyond reality, and you don’t feel good about it. You may have had a great weekend, but you won’t be returning to that hotel Brazil Phone Number anytime soon. You don’t plan to recommend it to your family and friends. Happy customer Now let’s flip it. You take the time to read reviews and understand that the pictures provided by the hotel are probably just to make it look glamorous rather than trying to attract sales.

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