Platforms like Google are well-position to offer this service because they cover the world’s largest display, video and search platforms. Ironically, increased user privacy could lead to a larger share of ad revenue for the big tech platforms. You might think the theme of color isn’t that deep – how far can it go other than choosing your favorite colored crayons in kindergarten? Colors are actually pretty complicated when you look at the theory – but don’t worry, I’ll break it down.

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Shifts in the legal, political and social landscape have triggered reactions from tech giants. Apple now requires opt-in tracking in iOS 14, and Google is deprecating third-party cookies. . Marketers previously relied New Zealand Phone Number big tech companies to track users across the internet. Marketers had to collect first-party data themselves. As the technological shortcuts that marketers enjoy begin to become less effective. I predict there will be a revival of traditional marketing methods . To thrive in this new era, digital marketers need to become more well-rounded. Those who base their technical knowledge on a solid strategic foundation will thrive.

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Noticed The Linkedin Vibe

We need to move away from reliance on third-party data and harness. The power of creativity to create real connections with our audiences. All of this should have bottom-line performance as one of many goals. In this era of disruption, we have an opportunity to reinvent ourselves by adopting a social market orientation. The business world has an opportunity to redefine our purpose and set goals that serve all of our stakeholders. Our customers, our employees, our shareholders, our communities and our planet.

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