You are sitting next to a nice guy who you start to chat with. You discover that you come from neighboring towns. He mentions that he is in the process of setting up a new business enterprise and that he is looking for a consultant with your skills. You hand him a neat and professional looking business card. Business Benin Email List are a must. In fact, 57% of people believe that having a business card is essential for their business activities. When creating your own, make sure it includes the right information, reflects your brand, and is engaging. Read on to learn how to create an effective business card. Visitors to websites where the logo was centrally located had difficulty returning to the home page from an internal page.

While users faced with sites where the logo was placed on the left side of the screen returned to the home page with greater ease. Having your logo in the center may be modern and elegant, but it detracts from the browsing experience on the site. Placing your logo on the right or in the center of the page will have a negative impact on SEO, lead to an increase in the bounce rate and abandonment rate and a decrease in the number of users who return to your site. If this data did not convince you, we recommend that you test for yourself. For a week, place your logo on the left side of the screen and monitor traffic and conversions. The next week, place your logo in the center. The last week, place the logo on the right of the screen and observe your traffic data.


How To Give Him Your Contact Details?

Heatmap software such as Hotjar can also be very useful in knowing how users are interacting with your website in real time. Got a ready-made company logo? Contact Free Logo Services and our website development team will create a personalized website for your business, without you having to lift a finger. If you prefer to build your own website, remember to have this list handy when designing. But that’s not all. They will see you as a more professional business and can start to relate to your brand. Check out our guide to learn everything you need to know about logos. We cover colors, typography, and images to help you create the perfect logo for your business. Some graphic designers often use a focal color.


For example, the name of the company may appear in black characters, while the icon will be red or blue. Remove elements from the logo Have you ever looked at a patterned shirt and said to yourself “not my style”? Chances are, some consumers will think the same of your business if they find your logo too heavy. The current trend is to have a minimalist logo so as not to overwhelm the consumer. Why use five words in your slogan when three are enough to convey the same message? Take the time to remove unnecessary items like words, shapes, and colors. One of the most common mistakes when designing a logo is adding too many elements around the business name. Adding icons like stars, circles, or dashes around the perimeter of your logo can do more harm than good.


A Logo Will Also Help You Improve Your Relationship With Your Customers.

Start by trying to remove these items and determine if the result is more to your liking. Some brands try to skillfully fit icons into the font, but this style of logo is best left to the graphic designers (trust us, it’s hard to do!). If you think you’ve cut your logo to the bare minimum, chances are you need to experiment with different styles of fonts. Speaking of minimalist logos, it must be said that the minimalist look will not suit all businesses. Many of these companies operate in the clothing and fashion, restaurant or tech industries. The first successful iteration of the logo for small businesses trying to make a name for themselves almost always features an icon of some kind. Think of companies like Airbnb, Starbucks, Twitter, and Target: all started with a logo that consisted of both an icon and their company name.

An icon should highlight your business name or tagline and say a little more about your business. The focal point doesn’t have to be an icon, however. If you’re determined to have a text logo, there are some nifty ways to spice it up a bit. Use multiple font colors. Google’s multicolored text logo is iconic and recognizable by almost everyone; it is a simple concept that owes its uniqueness to the use of color. Try changing the color of the first letter of your business name. You can also change the font size to create a focal point in your logo. For example, if you have a logo with two initials, increase the size of the first letter relative to the second, or capitalize the first letter and leave the second lowercase.


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