The same goes for personalized advertising , the effectiveness of which is compromised by the appearance of adblockers (software or browser extensions that block the display of advertisements on websites). Thus, the quality of the data collected is globally called into question, both in terms of completeness and accuracy … Should we prepare for a total disappearance of third-party cookies or just a decrease ?

It’s hard to say, but it’s Cyprus Mobile Number List to be concerned about the online marketing and media website job market. However, companies with short conversion paths (purchase on or almost the first visit) are less impacted by these new measures. The CNIL’s recommendations are only at the “draft” stage and therefore not official. The most visited sites have not yet implemented these recommendations. It’s up to everyone to tackle it or not …

For the moment, no miracle solution! No alternative has been found to overcome the possible disappearance of cookies. A first avenue would be to seek to restore the confidence of users in the collection of data so that they accept that it is collected. This is certainly the most “honest” and relevant solution, but it is for the long term , even very long term … We could also imagine progressive scenarios for obtaining consent , as you browse, or simply limiting the number of cookies used …

On Short Conversion Course Where The Conversion

It is a useful tool in the context of the redesign of a product or a service , when the journey involves several interactions between the customer and the organization . It allows you to understand the course as a whole. It also helps to find the solution to an identified problem and to identify the obstacles for the user as well as the improvement opportunities . The Experience Map or the overall user experience What is the Experience Map?


The Experience Map facilitates the visualization of the overall experience of a user without distinction according to a particular product or service (unlike the User Journey ). The Experience Map does not focus on a company or a brand, but on the classic journey of the user confronted with a problem or with a specific objective. How to set up the Experience Map? Several visuals can be used to represent an Experience Map .

However, as with the User Journey , the Experience Map often takes the form of a timeline with several columns, representing each of the major milestones. The Experience Map is built from data on all users , analytical data , user interviews , polls , surveys or field observations . Example of an Experience MapSource: UX Republic Why make an Experience Map? By bringing together different experiences on a single visual, the Experience Map helps to take a step back on the interactions vis-à-vis an offer and to better understand the expectations of the users for each channel .

Is Done On The First Visit, For Example

It also makes it possible to prioritize improvement projects . Service Blueprint or service design What is the Blueprint Service? The Blueprint Service is a tool that resembles a user journey extended to the internal processes of the company . It highlights the actions carried out in response to the stage in which the user finds himself in his journey.

If we think of a show, for example, the representation of the piece is what the user sees and the internal process corresponds to everything that goes on behind the scenes and that the Service Blueprint traces . How to set up the Blueprint Service? The Blueprint Service takes the form of four lines representing the client actions , the visible actions by it , the action behind the scenes and support processes .

It is built from information related to the customer journey (during the completion of the User Journey ) and internal information related to the delivery of a product or service. seviceblueprintSource: Nielsen Norman Group Why use a Blueprint Service? It is a very useful approach in BtoB , for new projects as for site redesigns, because it is team-oriented. It highlights the strengths and weaknesses of internal processes.

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