You might know it: 365 Days Successful, the company of founders Arjan Vergeer and David de Kock. It is now celebrating its 10-year anniversary. With 100,000 participants, 150,000 books sold and 30 sold-out seminars in AFAS, it is a very strong product brand in the market for (online) programs in the field of personal development. Why is it that so Design Directors Managers Email Lists many people are drawn to and attract to and want to be part of the 365 Days Success movement? And what role does the striking mission to make the Netherlands the happiest country in the world possibly play in this?

Design Directors Managers Email Lists

Is this the secret behind the success of 365 Days Successful: ‘100% entrepreneurship bas on an inspir mission’? This intrigu me so much that I decid to analyze the case for you. The outcome? The company is the business case if you want to delve into working from a human marketing strategy. Founders Arjan and David are the best in their field when it comes to authentic, sincere and transparent entrepreneurship bas on humanity and their own personal mission. Read and get inspir, just like me!

The why of human marketing: not a trick, but real inspiration

A lot can go wrong with the commercialization of self-help and other personal development offerings. It can smell like opportunism. It can even provoke resistance if the brand promise is that ‘by investing in yourself (in the product or service offer) you will become successful and therefore become and remain happy’. As if success is something that can be made, You’ve probably encountered it before: augmented reality. Possibly via fun interactive pictures on Snapchat, to try on glasses via Charlie Temple or to see how the Nikes on the website look at your own feet.

a trick with which you achieve happiness and then you are done.

That is also not what 365 Days Successful promises. Rather, they believe that

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