Buy this exceptional high-end gadget now: it will make your life incredibly easy! Prefer our product to that of the competition: all your friends have already bought it! The problem ? Aggressive marketing tactics won’t help you much in attracting customers in the long run. Right now, you are spoiled for choice in deciding where to buy. We don’t Cameroon Email List to call on your business. If you put all your resources into the pursuit of sales, you will burn yourself out and miss out on the chance to turn high potential people into loyal customers. Why use storytelling marketing? Well thought out, storytelling creates a lasting relationship between buyers and sellers. Instead of telling people what to think about your product, you invite them to feel something.

Aggressive advertisements rule, while storytelling suggests. So why is the mode of transmission so important if the details are the same? Since the human brain has to process large amounts of information, it is very selective when it comes to deciding which to keep and which to reject. Stories provide a way to organize information and thus help remember it. Another reason for the power of stories is that we remember actions and emotions more easily than facts. Most people can visualize the sequence of a movie just by hearing a known line of it. The emotions that one felt at that moment come back to the scene every time one hears this familiar dialogue. When developing your marketing strategy, look for ways in which you can use the art of storytelling to communicate with your customers.


Compose Effective Stories To Grow Your Business

Think about who your customers are and how your products fit into their lives. What do they expect from a business? What are the factors that drive consumers away? If you’re in doubt about your storytelling skills, try these few techniques to get started: 1. Establish a conflict Conflict is what turns loose information into narrative. A story takes shape when you have a problem that prompts action to get results. In storytelling marketing, the conflict should correspond to a problem common to your customers, to which you have a solution. The current competition, however, is such that it can be difficult to stand out. But even with a narrow selling point, you can use storytelling to differentiate your business .


To craft a story, answer the following questions: What type of customer do I want to talk to? What are the main sources of customer frustration? What solutions are currently lacking on the market? How can you fill a gap in the customer experience? What problems have I encountered in my efforts to create great products? You don’t have to be the biggest company or the market leader to compose effective stories. Imagine running a tutoring business that offers freelance tutor services in your area at affordable prices. If you have a solid track record, why not feature a struggling former student who has embarked on the college path or career they dreamed of? If you offer customer support outside of class, share a story of an anxious student before an exam who turned to you for questions.


Highlight An Aspiration Or An Opportunity

Are you the only tutor offering multilingual services? Exploit the story of a student who succeeded in schooling helped with his knowledge of languages. 2. Appeal to the senses Many sensory experiences are universal. Most people can relate to it. Attract them to your world by letting them touch, taste, see, hear or smell your product. Have you ever noticed how lotion ads display close-ups of dry skin? As cooking blogs compare the taste between different combinations of ingredients or cooking methods? To appeal to the senses, imagine the ideal experience for your customers. What problems or desires lead them to seek this experience? BoConcept did a good job in their TV commercial featuring a dancer who, with her movements, traces the furniture in an empty apartment with her fingertips. The message ? BoConcept allows you to build an interior in your image, with the greatest freedom.

Explain a product or process Didactic stories kill two birds with one stone. They prove you know your topic and offer valuable information to your customers. Be careful, however, not to annoy your customers with a ton of facts and talk to them without condescension. Didactic stories arouse curiosity by presenting another way of doing something. The Canadian startup Unbounce has gathered a clientele even before having a product. How then ? Unbounce creates landing pages and uses analytical tools to see which pages are performing the best, The founders started a blog to share marketing and web design tips to get more conversions online. They inspired confidence and demonstrated their expertise. Once they were ready to sell, they already had a winning clientele. 4. Tell your story or your culture Businesses don’t spring up like that.

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