We then speak of KPI ( Key Performance Indicator meaning the key performance indicator in French), this measure which allows companies to evaluate performance in a domain . What are the KPIs to take into account and what are the steps to follow? Choose the period Compare two similar Togo Email List on a report Analytics allows to realize the development of statistics and to set a new goal for the next audit. For example, if I have to do an audit for a site redesign and the release date of the new site is scheduled for September, then I would do an audit on September 2015 and September 2016. So a month after the site’s release, an audit can be carried out.


Key figures This is to have an overview, to define a set of KPIs that must be reused for future audits. canva-image Analysis of important pages You have to analyze the pages of your website (Indre: 5 pages), these must pass in the top 10. Look at the statistics and compare them. Set goals for yourself . The redesign should allow better access to these pages. Internet users Where do users come from ? Who are they ? We create a site for a particular audience. But does this target audience ultimately visit your site? During a redesign, this indicator is important, because we create a site for Internet users. This is why it is important to study Google

If You’ve Decided To Start A Website Redesign Project

Analytics reports ( what is Google Analytics? ) In order to know who is visiting your site. You must know how to qualify and identify Internet users . For example, you need to know which languages ​​to choose when developing your site. Locate your Internet users , that is to say, know your initial target. Consider organizing events in particular in cities or regions where this core target is located. Learn to deduce its course. Have you thought about the empathy map ? Do not hesitate to know the day and time of connection of Internet users visiting your site to know when to add new content , but also to adapt your site to all media in order to make it responsive web design .

Help yourself with the breaking points , these are levels which, once crossed, allow the design or the content to be adapted to the new width of the web page. These steps change depending on the width / height of the browser window. Traffic sources You must define through which channels visitors arrive on the site, know which keywords Internet users use on search engines (Google, Bing, etc.), but also on internal search engines in order to be able to adapt your content. Referral sites can also be sources of traffic, such as social networks .

Consider Performing A Statistical Audit

Social networks New users VS Known users Depending on the personal journey and the engagement, it is possible to see to face two scenarios: new users and known users . It is your job to retain new users while maintaining your relationship with known users. Most For each of the criteria seen above, consider creating a dashboard (SEO, technical performance, etc.). There are many ready-made and editable tables in the Google Analytics gallery . In addition, remember to exclude the IP addresses of your company, so as not to distort the statistics and to use tools such as Heatmaps , Scroll maps , etc. which can be useful in addition to Google Analytics .

These tools allow you to define the parts of a page that are most often seen by readers. Check out our article on what research to do to better understand your users and learn more. Here are some statistics to take into account in a statistical audit . N do not hesitate to share your method. Notify Google and the webmasters of sites hosting your backlinks of the change of your domain name. If you want to optimize the visibility of your site, this will also be a great time to work on the SEO effectiveness of your content. After your new site goes live , conduct regular checks to make sure your SEO is maintained.

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