Each year, LinkedIn unveils the 10 Dominica Email List  most used buzzwords on profiles. The 2018 vintage is no exception to the rule: the favorite adjectives of professionals registered on the professional social network are still as authentic … The top 10 buzzwords 2018 Specialize (specialized) Experienced (experienced confirmed) Skilled (qualified, competent, graduate) Leadership (with skills to lead) Passionate (passionate) Expert (expert, experienced) Motivated (reasoned) Creative (creative, inventive) Strategic (endowed with a strategic sense) Focused (focused, determined) LinkedIn believes that this list can help you “find the right words to find the right job” .

They are mainly used to flatter the ego of certain professionals, who prefer to proclaim themselves competent rather than to prove their skills. Read also If LinkedIn profiles were honest … How to be (really) visible to companies It would be difficult to draw up a more generic list of professional qualifiers … Thanks to sites for connecting candidates and recruiters, the latter can consult the CVs of candidates according to the keywords they contain. If a company is looking for an IT developer, it will want to consult the CVs of candidates who know the Agile method and who master PHP, Symfony, Angular JS or HTML5 technologies. It will obviously look for “specialized, competent and qualified” professionals, but it will first want to ensure that knowledge and know-

The Top 10 Buzzwords 2018

how are assimilated. People skills are increasingly important in the recruitment process. But focusing your CV too much on soft skills, especially if they are as tasteless as the 10 listed above, will not allow you to stand out from other candidates. Don’t put the cart before the horse: show that you are competent first, prove your skills through your experience and your professional successes. Personal qualities are more believable when they show through than when you attribute them to yourself, in an arbitrary manner. Are you a web professional? You can post your CV on Hellowork.io to be visible to 10,000 recruiting companies. Bullshit. Bullshit everywhere. The list of buzzwords published by LinkedIn is also representative of a trend, which pushes some users to claim to be experts in all subjects.


The social network has taken the content turn, and allows its members to post directly on LinkedIn. This is beneficial for some, who use this space to publicize their recruitments or prove their expertise through feedback, or documented writings. But many others have an opinion on everything, start endless and bottomless debates, and share posts that could be signed by Captain Obvious in person. The likes obtained flatter their ego and encourage them to reoffend, to the detriment of the quality of the network. They also don’t hesitate to love the writings of their digital twins, to nurture these self-centered communities of self-proclaimed experts. What if this year, we stopped bullshit to boost our credibility?.

How To Be (Really) Visible To Companies

What tools are in place to facilitate the acquisition of skills? For each job mission, an activity and resources are offered to the learner to promote the acquisition of skills: videos, synchronous and asynchronous classes, quizzes, online tutorials, multimedia content, tutored and assessed work, summary classes and of remediation…. Our LMS ( learning management system ) platform allows us to implement important collaborative work via forums, wikis supervised by a tutor who builds the dynamic, supports, animates, relaunches, stimulates … The tutor is indeed a pivot of our e-learning offer; it will offer accessible, relevant and contextualized assistance to learners,

in response to the needs at the different stages of the journey, to enable them to act and succeed collectively and individually. How are learners encouraged to put into practice the skills being acquired? The e-learning training focuses on essential business activities, to move from doing to know-how and gain skills in a space-time compatible with a job (5h / week): a short, concrete, adapted training. Learners benefit from a specialized tutor for each group in order to support them as closely as possible in their learning and in the implementation of newly acquired skills. Emphasis is also placed on collaborative work and social learning. A common theme is also offered from the start of the course,

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