If you work with marketers, do you find it difficult to always understand them when they use a marketing term? With this article, learn to decipher and understand the jargon of digital marketing and especially that of Inbound Marketing! A few months ago, we wrote an article on web developer jargon . Here is now the glossary of marketers! In this article, we will reveal the meaning hidden their s sentence s with this glossary special Inbound Marketing !

If we have to give a short Turkey Phone Number List of Inbound Marketing , here it is: it is a strategy that consists of using the channels of the web to gain new customers . It relies on the production of content , c ontenus that match the expectations of the target . Just like Brand Content , Inbound Marketing requires an effective and lasting content strategy in line with the identity of the brand and / or the company. What is Inbound Marketing already …?

Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing The ‘ Inbound Marketing is the opposite of Outbound Marketing . The Inbound Marketing is to bring to s customers themselves ( “pull”) , while the Outbound Marketing serves them send messages “push” . The idea is to disseminate content that match the needs of customers , visiting visible and accessible , and which favor the conversion . Find out how to define an effective and relevant digital strategy!

The Vocabulary Of Inbound Marketing Is Very Rich

Permission Marketing, this great precursor … The precursor is Permission Marketing . I nvented by Seth Godin , the former head of marketing at Yahoo, this concept explains that the key to the effectiveness of marketing campaigns is to obtain the prospect’s agreement before delivering a message . We are talking about opt-in , a way of collecting user data with the explicit consent of the individual .


The message is therefore not perceived as intrusive, and the person is more receptive and more inclined to engage with you! WEB 2.0 and Content Marketing Inbound Marketing also rhymes with Content Marketing , since it is based on content production … With a content marketing strategy, you develop and distribute content likely to interest your prospects , such as videos, blogs, white papers, blog posts , social media posts … and so on!

This method is then an alternative to “push” advertising , which makes it possible to make oneself known, to gain legitimacy and to acquire an audience which will then convert into customers! Blogs, social networks … We can say it , all these contents remind us of Web 2.0 ! Widely used at the end of the 2000s, this term encompasses so-called “second generation” sites which integrate community and collaborative methods allowing the user to become an actor.

Anglicisms And Other Acronyms Do Not Make

The Inbound Marketing consists of 4 stages based on different kinds of content. Here are which ones: The 4 phases of Inbound Marketing: Attract, Convert, Conclude and Enchant. Who are the players in your Inbound Marketing strategy? The buyer p ersona to better target It is an essential step in building your marketing strategy !

The buyer persona is an e fictional representation that can accurately characterize the motivations and behaviors of customers who NIOHC issent to use products or services. Identified by a field study, the buyer persona represents your market segment or your target audience. Lead, MQL, SQL / Prospect … Késako? “Lead” is an anglicism used in marketing to describe a touch commerci has the , a potential client who has a more or less interest in your business offer.

There are several leads , more or less qualified. We thus distinguish between MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead) and SQL (Sales Qualified Lead) . An MQL is a visitor who has established contact with you or who has left you their contact details to receive content in exchange (white paper, newsletter, etc.). The MQL is not yet a buyer, but certain criteria (turnover, business sector, actions carried out on the website) distinguish it from others, thanks to the scoring mechanism that you have defined.

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