It is in our human nature to notice others: what they wear, what they say, what they do. Chances are, there were branded logo t-shirts all around you. You’ve probably noticed the Nike swoosh, a sports team mascot, a rock band you’ve never heard of, or a local business. T-shirts are real “traveling advertisements” for the Bolivia Email List they represent. You know what ? This is outright marketing. At least one of those t-shirts has put a name in your head. It might even have piqued your curiosity and made you want to know more about the company in question. You may have unsheathed your phone to do a quick little research.

T-shirts: Promotional products or traveling advertisements? Small business owners know that promoting their name and brand is essential to their success, especially in today’s environment of fierce competition and the loyalty of certain segments of the market to their brands. Custom t-shirts are one of the most effective marketing tools for building awareness of your brand: they are real walking advertisements. But printing your company logo on a t-shirt is just the first step. How to use branded t-shirts effectively? Here are three suggestions to try: 1. On your customer base – The affordable price of t-shirts allows you to distribute large quantities of them to your customers. Some ideas : A quality t-shirt will be worn (even if it’s by someone other than the person you gave it to).


Give Away T-shirts At The End Of Sales Visits Or Demos.

Don’t just give your customers a receipt – give them a t-shirt to say ‘thank you’. Bonus giveaways make a great selling point for any business promotion. with your most loyal customers. Give them a premium t-shirt or polo shirt. 2. On your employees When you need help at Ikea, you’re looking for someone in a yellow t-shirt, right? You don’t need a drawing to know that a recognizable uniform says a lot to your customers. If your employees must wear a uniform, give them a t-shirt with your brand. If they are free to wear whatever they want, why not give them t-shirts to wear on “casual” Fridays? Another idea: you can reward an exceptional employee by giving them a special t-shirt. 3. At community events Each community has its special occasions and annual events.


These can be organized to promote local businesses, raise awareness for a cause, or raise funds for a local charity. The perfect opportunity to get your name known. Think about a local fundraiser or charity walk: you, or someone you know, can attend the event wearing the company t-shirt. Better yet, sponsor a corporate team and have each participant display your “colors”. Ready to don your company t-shirt? T-shirts are affordable and it’s never been easier to customize and buy. Who says you only need one t-shirt design to represent your business? You can have multiple designs and use them to promote your brand smartly. The possibilities with t-shirts are endless. When designing a t-shirt, keep these guidelines in mind.


Gifts For Your Best Customers – Go Beyond The Standard T-shirt

Your t-shirt should reflect your business and communicate your professionalism, hence the importance of incorporating your company logo and designing it in accordance with the color palettes you use on your existing marketing materials or on your domain / website. Do not forget to control what will be the final result before their manufacture. Lettering should be clear and easily legible. The font size and color combinations should be chosen correctly. A vector graphic is made up of mathematically precise points that ensure its consistency across all media and in all dimensions. The other solution is to use raster graphics, which are made up of pixels. These images cannot be resized. Making your logo larger will cause blocks and large pixels to appear.

As we enter the age of the internet and mobile phones, it is more important than ever to ensure that logos can be resized correctly on different devices. Avoiding raster images will allow your logo to display properly on any device. Instead of using Adobe Photoshop (which uses raster images), turn to Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. 6. Driven by the trend Even though following trends is an integral part of a company’s marketing, we quickly fall into the cliché by wanting to follow fashion. Trends invariably come and go. To be effective, a logo must be timeless. It would be a shame to end up with a clunky and outdated logo within a few years. While it’s important to be on the lookout for the latest trends, don’t feel pressured to follow them.


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