Specific strategies for creating authenticated first-party audiences will vary widely, but a common theme will be value exchange . Your first-party data can be used to sync with platforms like Facebook and Google, which match your data with anonymous users for more accurate targeting, which may help advertisers maintain the habit of becoming accustomed to the past few years Relevance.

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Simply put, the more first-party data you can provide, the greater the chance that any third-party data will match. The characteristics of your existing customers. From context to cookie and back again Before the Netherlands Phone Number of third-party cookies, brands used contextual targeting to buy ad space. For example, Nike might simply choose to show ads on sites where readers might buy sportswear, such as Sky Sports or Men’s Fitness. However, in the late 2000s, most advertisers turned to one-to-one, hyper-personalized advertising that relied on third-party cookies.

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The loss of third-party cookies will lead to a dramatic reduction in addressable audiences, and to reach. New audiences on a larger scale, businesses must embrace contextual advertising as a privacy-friendly targeting strategy. Keyword targeting via paid search is an example of contextual targeting, as is placement targeting via the Display Network. When run right, your ad will reach the right people at the right place at the right time.

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