Snapchat news is gathered on South Africa WhatsApp Number List  this page. Updates to the application are frequent and deserve to be centralized: Snapchat card, group stories, unlimited snaps… Each new feature is explained, just click on the corresponding link to find out more. Remember to update the Snapchat application ( iOS , Android ) to take advantage of the new features. Happy Snapping! March 2018: Snapchat launches Radius: an advertising targeting option by geographic area Snapchat is further accelerating the deployment of new advertising products with the launch of a new targeting format: Radius. Radius Targeting makes it possible to deliver advertisements or filters, only in a previously chosen geographical area.

February 2018: return of a ‘Stories’ tab to calm the frond users + arrival of GIFs thanks to a partnership with GIPHY Thanks to a partnership with GIPHY, you can send snaps with embedded GIFs. A new interface update has also been made: friends are on the left, media on the right and tabs have been added to these two parts to better classify content. February 2018: Snapchat Insights: statistics for official and popular accounts Official and popular accounts now have complete statistics to assess their visibility (reach, engagement) and better understand their subscribers (demographics, interests, etc.). February 2018: The Snapchat API is accessible to all Snap announces the launch of its Marketing API to everyone, which will greatly facilitate the creation and delivery of advertisements on Snapchat.

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All businesses, agencies and developers can now access the API and design custom tools according to their needs. February 2018: launch of Snap Map on the web with an Embed feature to integrate it Snap launches the Snap Map on the web, offering an embed functionality. It is accessible on this link , and is available to all visitors. You do not need to be logged in to view it. January 2018: Bitmoji Deluxe Snap Inc. announces a major update to Bitmojis: You can now create a more realistic Bitmoji using a selfie. January 2018: Snapchat formalizes the sharing of stories outside the application Snapchat opens to the web: public stories can now be shared outside of the app. To share a story, all you have to do is hold down on the story card and click Share story .


The application plans to no longer allow the skip of Snap Ads, for a period of 3 seconds – where YouTube blocks the zap of these ads for 5 seconds. January 2018: it will soon be possible to integrate the stories on a website or a third-party app To increase its user base and its notoriety, Snapchat will radically open up its product by allowing Stories to be integrated into web content or third-party apps. This new product is called “Stories Everywhere” and will allow you to view Snapchat content everywhere, on the model of the embed of Tweets. December 2017: launch of an acceleration program for European startups Snapchat has just announced the launch of an acceleration program for European startups. This program was already open in the United States since October.

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January 2018: 3 seconds before skipping the ads? Snap Inc. could – according to AdAge – apply the same recipes as YouTube (TrueView ads). The program offers startups the resources and means to accelerate and scale their business through Snapchat. December 2017: arrival of Lens Studio, to create augmented reality lenses Snap Inc. presents Lens Studio : “a Mac and Windows application to design your own lenses on Snapchat” . This software is free and includes templates and guides (tutorials) to help you understand augmented reality (AR), whether you are a designer used to 2D creations or a specialist in 3D modeling. November 2017: the new version of Snapchat is available ! Snapchat has just presented its big update. Friends and brands are clearly separate. Snapchat decided to put Friends Stories on the left.

We’ve published this full article to learn all about this major update. November 2017: sponsored stories Snapchat is launching a new advertising format: sponsored stories, or “Promoted Stories”. They are visible to the right of the Camera screen. November 2017: some filters become stickers Snapchat filters have not disappeared! The application simply decided to transform some filters (like those for the weather forecast) into stickers. November 2017: soon a new design for Snapchat The app will soon roll out a major overhaul of its app. Since this announcement, the new version of Snapchat has been unveiled .


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