Slack has just updated its privacy Slovenia WhatsApp Number List  policy and tools, and one of those changes could cause users to rethink how they use the office. Under the new rules, Slack customers who pay for certain premium services will be able to download all of their workspace data – both public and private – apparently without notifying community members. Users will no longer be informed While this feature has been possible for premium administrators for some time, a detail in Slack’s update is a game-changer. From now on, the recovery of conversation data on Slack will be done without alerting other users of this action


If you want to check if your Slack is based on a free program, standard or beyond, you can enter the address and find the “Slack Plan” activated at the bottom of the page. You should also be aware that third-party applications can also access these conversations with the ” access content in user direct messages ” permission . An initiative in accordance with the GDPR The news may seem shocking to Slack regulars and worry employees about the privacy of some conversations. For this reason, the developers behind the platform wanted to clarify one point.

Users Will No Longer Be Informed

Slack has announced several changes to its product offerings and policies to comply with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). We are announcing these changes so that customers can prepare for the implementation of GDPR, which impacts any business offering goods or services to customers based in the EU. For the latest information on changes to our tools and privacy policy, please see our Help Center and Privacy Policy The deployment is currently in the testing phase, but Facebook has confirmed that this foreshadows a widespread deployment. August 2017: Facebook will penalize the visibility of the slowest sites Facebook follows the movement established by Google which is to give more visibility to sites with a fast loading, while penalizing the slower sites. July 2017


Facebook is working on the launch of a smart speaker for the living room It is the flagship product of tech companies. After Amazon and Apple, it’s now Facebook’s turn to work on the subject. July 2017: Facebook launches groups for pages dedicated to “super fans” Facebook has just announced the deployment of a new category of groups: groups for pages. They can be created by administrators, and must allow pages, brands, and fans to talk to each other in dedicated spaces. July 2017: A tool to modify the preview of a link on Facebook (title, image, description): Pretty Links Facebook announced to community managers that they could no longer modify the overview of links shared on the social network. Facebook has since partially reversed its decision by allowing media to change the link preview of their own sites .

An Initiative In Accordance With The Gdpr

If you are not one of the lucky ones, you cannot already – or you will soon be able to – modify the title, image and description of links shared on Facebook… unless you use Pretty Links. July 2017: Soon stories for the pages? In order to ensure that stories are used more, Facebook is preparing to provide pages and brands with this functionality. July 2017: End of the modification of links: Facebook is backtracking (or not) At the end of June 2017, Facebook announced the end of the modification of links . This decision was difficult to swallow because the Open Graph tags of their sites are not always optimized. Facebook has decided to react. July 2017: Facebook deploys an “Explore” tab to discover content

The Explore tab is gradually being deployed by Facebook. This new Newsfeed makes it possible to discover content from pages that we are likely to like. July 2017: Update of the algorithm to sanction poor quality links Facebook announces an update to the Newsfeed Ranking Algorithm, the algorithm that filters and ranks posts on the news feed. The social network is now attacking “poor quality” links. June 2017: Edit the title, image or description of a link, it’s done From July 17, 2017, it will no longer be possible to edit a link on Facebook before posting it. You will therefore no longer be able to customize the title, featured image and description of links shared on Facebook. June 2017:

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