THE IMPORTANCE OF UX (USER EXPERIENCE) Is the site easy to use? The ease of use of the site is a key point that should not be overlooked. It is important to think from the creation of the site on how visitors will be able to navigate. Good, intuitive and consistent navigation ensures that your visitors can easily find what they are looking for. The site is created for Japan Email List users, always put yourself in their place when you think about the design of your website and its ergonomics. Where to place a button for more intuitive access? How to arrange the products so that they are clearly visible?

So many questions of UX design (User Experience) to improve the user experience. The UX completes in this the UI which focuses more on graphic design. KEEP YOUR SITE ALIVE WITH REGULAR UPDATES Also think about updates afterwards because a site lives and moves. You will have to update it regularly with a “news” tab or by adding new pages for example. Interactivity: An interactive site is a site you come back to ARE THE HYPERTEXT LINKS ON YOUR SITE EFFECTIVE? We call interactivity the “dialogue” that is created between a human being and a computer program.


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This dialogue is possible thanks to the hypertext links which will offer visitors the opportunity to take multiple paths. However, it is necessary to measure the number of links. Too many hypertext links can make it difficult to read, confuse the prospect and prove to be counterproductive. Insert easy links or action buttons to understand. They must also make you want to click on them, this is called click affordance. To do this, ask yourself whether the name of your hypertext link brings something to the visitor and encourages them to go further (call to action), thus promoting the improvement of conversions. If you add links to other external sites, make sure they are quality sites. This would send a bad signal to Google on the quality of your site.


Web design trends The architecture of the site and its functionalities: Make your site more readable IS YOUR CONTENT ARCHITECTURE ORGANIZED? For the Internet user to enjoy your website and effectively understand the information, the architecture of your site must be organized logically. From the home page, he must be able to easily find what he is looking for among perfectly classified information. To do this, consider organizing your pages with titles, subtitles and airing them with a nice layout and a tidy menu.


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The elements of the footer are also very important and can include several features such as: The menu with all the sections of the site A live-chat to exchange with interested visitors Follow buttons on social networks Contact details Subscribe to your newsletter SOME TIPS TO IMPROVE THE READABILITY OF YOUR SITE Keep it simple. A clean site is always more credible Lighten your web pages and keep moving images for strong messages Be clear in your information (information is more difficult to read on a screen than on paper) and space your text by using titles at different levels preceding paragraphs; Always classify your information by degree of importance (essential information should be placed at the top) Focus on the essential features for your website.

Too many features or a system that is too complex may be counterproductive and generate misunderstandings. We hope that the information in this article will help you think about optimizing the ergonomics of your website, taking into account the needs of your target audience and best practices for creating your online storefront. If you want to talk to ID Interactive’s UI / UX design teams, you can join us for the price of an ergonomic and professional website. DEFINE YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE AND OBJECTIVES Before you start writing your content or creating your videos and photos, it is first of all important to define your content marketing strategy.


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