In order to ensure the perfect synchronization of the data of the Sage 100 software suite with the Prestashop e-commerce solution, it is necessary to set up additional “mapping” software which will match the data from the two applications. This software is called Atoo-sync GesCom Pro. The implementation of this complete system, that is to say the synchronization of Sage, Atoo-sync and Prestatshop software, aims to North-Korea-Email-List the performance of the company thanks to a total automation of upward and downward commercial flows, that is, i.e. the information flows from the management system to the e-commerce site (products, prices, customers, stocks, resellers, etc.) and conversely the information flows from the website running to the commercial management solution (new customers, orders, etc.).

The implementation of such an interfacing can prove to be difficult given the specificities of the data coming from the information system of the company. Thus, this type of solution requires the intervention of specialists capable of intervening at all levels of the various software deployed. The agency ID Interactive was entrusted during the year 2015 on behalf of one of its clients, a mission to deploy an ecommerce website under the latest version of Prestashop, using data from the software. management software SAGE 100 Commercial management i7. Below you will find our feedback … UNDERSTAND THE SYNCHRONIZATION BETWEEN SAGE AND PRESTASHOP VIA ATOO-SYNC: interface-its-data-wise-with-atoo-sync-on-prestashop (1) Presentation of the solutions What are the roles of these tools?


What Are The Roles Of These Tools?

Sage is an integrated management software package (ERP or ERP) publisher that brings together all the functional components of a company in a unified database. In our case study, the Sage software used only covers the company’s commercial chain, so we will be interested in the Sage 100 Commercial Management i7 solution dedicated to SMEs. This solution combines the following functionalities (1): Creation and structuring of catalogs. Creation and management of sales documents: quote, delivery slip, purchase order, invoice. Monitoring of commercial activity through dashboards.


Identification of business opportunities and risks. Stock management Creation of locations, management of entry and exit movements. Quality control, inventory management, management of packaging and economic order quantities, management of deliveries. Dashboards and indicators: quantities available, various traceability, immediate or long-term failure, risk of overstocking. Procurement management Supplier records, complete management of the purchasing cycle and instant inventory update. Dashboards and indicators: comparison of supplier prices, pending or late delivery orders.


Limits And Areas For Improvement

Manufacturing management Precise definition of the manufacturing steps. Manufacturing simulator. Calculation of needs. Reservation of human / material resources. Synthesis and monitoring of manufacturing costs. Service delivery management Planning tools integrated into the invoicing system. Resource reservation. Control, consultation of intervention schedules. Synthetic vision of intervention schedules. Atoo-sync is a software publisher. The publisher specializes in creating solutions allowing data synchronization between management software and an e-commerce store. We used Atoo-sync GesCom Pro, compatible with Sage 30 and Sage 100. The solution consists of two parts: As a module, provided by Atoo-sync, the module allows to send and collect Prestashop feeds As software on a server or a Windows workstation,

it allows you to connect with Sage and collect the database from it and create your own database of articles. Prestashop is an Open Source solution for doing e-commerce. This tool is highly acclaimed by French VSEs and SMEs thanks to its ease of use and its low-cost deployment. Modules complete the tool in order to meet specific needs. The agency made the choice to select and offer its client Atoo-sync and Prestashop because these tools have been proven by the web community. The publishers are based in France, which ensures reliable and guaranteed support. In addition, ID Interactive is a Prestashop partner, 2 of its employees have followed a training course at the company’s headquarters in Paris. WHAT ARE THE STRENGTHS? Using this practice has many advantages for the company and on several levels: To the realization of the e-commerce platform:

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