To keep the best places in the search results, it is recommended to follow the SEO trends in 2019. The top three sites in search engine results account for 60% of clicks. Follow SEO trends to reach the top position! SEO practices New Caledonia Email List in step with updates to search engine algorithms. To keep the best places in the search results, it is recommended to follow the SEO trends in 2019 so that your website always stays on top. Let’s take a closer look at the areas for vigilance and improvement. How to catch your competitors off guard to secure your position and even scratch a few places?


The loading time always at the top of the priorities seo trends 2019 – semrush – loading times A poorly technically optimized site is doomed to failure. This was already the case in recent years, but shortening the page load time has become an absolute necessity today to obtain at least correct natural referencing. How to do ? – By reducing the size of your images and videos – By eliminating the use of flash (if you still use it) – By compressing your HTML files – By simplifying your CSS files … This is the reason why it is important to regularly update your site to keep it in line with the demands of the web and the evolution of search engine algorithms.

Seo Trends In 2019 To Reach The First Position

Among the SEO trends of 2019, it is therefore necessary to check and optimize the loading time of your pages and to carry out an audit of your site at least once a year . 2. The end of keywords and the preeminence of search intent We have been taught for years with the positioning of keywords and it is true that search engines have so far relied on these words or key phrases to present the search results (SERP). But as always on the web, nothing is set in stone and the relevance of search results has changed a lot. And that’s not a bad thing! Another SEO trend of 2019 is to move away from just keywords. We now speak of research intent.

So concretely, what does this mean? A search intent is an idea of ​​searched content hidden behind a keyword. It is more of an intellectual approach which goes beyond the simple positioning of the keyword. The intention of informational research In fact, if a user seeks to answer a question that he asks himself, such as “What is the date of birth of Louis XIV?” », Then his research intention will be informational . He will type an expression like “date of birth Louis 14”. THE INTENT OF TRANSACTIONAL RESEARCH If, on the other hand, his intention is to buy a sofa or to book a plane ticket to China, he will rather type “cheap leather sofa” or “

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Air France China flights”. We will then speak of transactional research intention which reflects a desire to carry out research with a view to a purchase. THE INTENT OF NAVIGATIONAL RESEARCH To complete the 2 previous sections, there is also the intention of navigational search which, to date, is one of the major SEO trends of 2019 and which identifies more than half of the requests on search engines. The navigational search intent groups together all the queries entered on a specific subject such as a brand or a company using an already known URL . It could be compared to “Direct Access” in Google

Analytics. In order not to lose the interest of visitors and always offer them appropriate content, the search intention must therefore be taken seriously to optimize the SEO of a site. 3. Google becomes a response engine “The term response engine is used […] to designate the phenomenon by which search engines, and primarily Google, increasingly seek to respond directly to Internet users’ requests when […] seek an answer to a specific question. » Marketing definitions seo-trends-2019-google (1) Another SEO trend in 2019, Google is becoming a real response engine by responding more and more frequently to Internet users’ requests, by displaying a response in position 0 as immediate and obvious, partial or total .

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