Regards Croisés, this is our new  Serbia Consumer Email List  section! Each month, Olivier Méril, Chairman of MV Group, talks with a person on a particular topic. First, Olivier asks his questions, then it’s the other person’s turn. Today, it’s Jean-Pascal Mollet, Founder of Consulting Sales Coach, who is ready to play! ➡ Jean-Pascal’s questions to Olivier The DISC Insight colors training is a tool for developing communication at a managerial level by identifying four types of profiles (classified according to colors), as well as their verbal and non-verbal characteristics. Olivier to Jean-Pascal: “What are the advantages of this training? ” # 1 – Jean Pascal, can you introduce yourself in a few words? I am 52 years old and have 25 years of commercial and managerial experience ranging from

distribution to Key Accounts (Darty, L’Oréal, Kenwood Electronic, Groupe Vivarte). Since January 1, 2006, I have been a consultant-coach-trainer and speaker specializing in commercial efficiency (transactional sales and consultative sales), customer relations, communication and management (manager and founder of Consulting Sales Coach and DAC Consulting and Training). I work in both BtoB and BtoC. # 2 – Why did you choose to do this training and what is, according to you, its advantage over other training? I first achieved the NLP technician level (11 days) and I learned about methods such as Process Com, the e nnangram or the HBDI. J ‘ have found that the method

Jean-pascal To Olivier

DISC was the simplest, easiest, most intuitive and more fun to set up, especially on the understanding of the other. # 3 – What advantages do you observe for companies that choose this training? This method makes it possible to unite and provide assistance to employees on communication . I try to offer it as well in management training, sales or customer relations. This tool is quick to learn and gives immediate results # 4 – How do you find it useful for managers, for salespeople? A customer has to buy you before you ‘ buy anything .


C ela therefore requires an understanding of the client and its own know-be to adapt his speech and communication. # 5 – If there was one flaw to avoid in its use, what would it be? The problem is to reduce a person to one color , especially since we have four colors with dominants that can evolve and be different between personal and professional environments. # 6 – Are there any specific tips or methods to improve it over time? Like any method, you have to train every day. I suggest to each person coming for training with me to do so in transport, shops .

How Important Is This Training

In short, in their daily life, so that it becomes automatic. The manager who accompanies his salesperson must also ask the question to his salesperson (during his debriefing) about the color of his client. Person with colorful reflection on the face – Photo by Jean-Philippe Delberghe on Unsplash ➡ Olivier’s questions to Jean-Pascal Jean-Pascal to Olivier: “How important is this training for MV Group teams? ” # 1 – Why is this training important for your teams? It is important because it gives a common base to all, the same benchmarks, which facilitates understanding. She really helped to get to know each other a lot better, sometimes by questioning deeply about personalities and made it possible to facilitate communication to others by knowing better how they work. # 2 – Why did you choose this training rather than another

To be transparent, it was a bit by chance. We were looking for different training courses for our Stage 301 digital school and discovered this training for students. We thought it was great, to help them get to know each other better and communicate better with others. We had big challenges in improving the skills of our middle management. Lina Poizeau, our Human Capital Director of MV Group , considered that it was an essential base for everyone, including the members of the Group’s CODIR. # 3- What are the results observed? First, what is impressive is the speed that each one takes to appropriate it. We felt everyone happy to do the training, to learn while having fun. And that for training is perhaps the most important, because ownership is the guarantee of its use. She brought personal keys to a few employees, and that alone is also an important element,

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