Regards Croisés is our discussion Poland Email List  section! Each month, Olivier Méril, Chairman of MV Group, talks with a person on a specific topic. First, Olivier asks his questions, then it’s the other person’s turn. Today, it’s the turn of Clémence Campech, co-founder of Pertinens, to play the game! No time to read this article? Take 2 minutes to watch the video! Olivier to Clémence: “there is a real need for companies to get into marketing and digital” # 1 – Clémence, can you introduce yourself (your background and your functions)? I am co-founder of the agency PERTINENS , branding agency and marketing strategy that also drives operational actions. This agency embodies the role of the manager’s right hand. After having been marketing director in a company for 10 years within TPE and PME,

I decided to go to the other side of the barrier to offer my help through an outsourcing model for these leaders. companies and marketing directors who want to propel their growth through digital. For 10 years, I developed ROIst e marketing within the companies in which I was, not by hiring multiple internal resources, but by delegating digital skills to service providers. Today, we have more than 150 service providers who make companies successful thanks to efficient collaboration. # 2 – What was the trigger that made you create PERTINENS? To meet what need? My trigger by creating PERTINENS was my awareness of the real need for companies to go into marketing and digital.

Olivier To Clémence

We are talking about very small businesses, SMEs, mid-cap companies, freelancers, in short, from all sectors combined, with one and the same observation: I do not know how to do and I have no time to devote to marketing and digital, for against I am aware of their usefulness. This marketing outsourcing model is essential for all companies wishing to develop their visibility, their average basket, have a national influence, or reach new targets . It is also a mental discharge for a leader to have an agency that manages everything, like a marketing director with his network of skills, except that he is not in the same offices. An employee in front of a pc # 3 – What is your promise for the companies that call on you?


My promise ? It is to bring companies where they need to be, and to make their marketing so innovative that they become autonomous, that is to say that their visibility and their communication in tune with the times generate additional sales. . Our support is therefore virtuous, because we listen to the challenges of the manager and we deploy effective marketing in the service of the trajectory of the visionary, namely this company manager. Marketing thus becomes an ROIste tool and no longer a constraint, or even an unnecessary expense. # 4 – According to you, what are the main weaknesses of companies that do everything in-house?

There Is A Real Need For Companies To Get Into Marketing

Companies recruit either 360 profiles, or Swiss Army Knives, who thus do not embody any real expertise allowing them to strengthen their marketing, or experts who are very expensive to carry out isolated actions which therefore do not respond to 360 actions. The consequences are: a lack of renewal in communication, satellite teams, and an overload of work since digital forces us to be reactive. # 5 – According to you, have companies in France realized the importance of marketing? More than ever ! Especially with the current context which accelerates this obligation to have a raison d’être, clear offers, a marketing discourse which captures the right targets,

efficient communication tools (website, video, LinkedIn…), etc. And what do we call that? Marketing. Yes, companies are becoming aware of this because, for the past 6 months, we have been experiencing an overflow of requests to manage all of these marketing actions that I have just mentioned, and many others. # 6 – Your greatest success since the creation of PERTINENS (feedback)? The adoption of this outsourcing model by our business leaders and new prospects who are more and more numerous to call us for it. P ERTINENS becomes THE benchmark in Bordeaux for a 360 agency that brings together all marketing expertise to become one with the manager: this famous right-hand man! MV Group employee Clémence

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