Especially if you’re dealing with a wide variety of content types, get a clear understanding of how each type performs. In the end, turning these data points into actionable tasks and making adjustments when necessary is key. Refer to your strategy frequently and fine-tune it regularly. final thoughts Content is more than just “write it, post it and see if someone likes it”, especially in today’s busy marketplace where millions of pieces of content are posted every day.

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Contact us to discuss your content requirements in more detail and let us help you increase your voice. Automation and Insights Changes to automation will continue at a rapid pace. Google reports that 80% of South Korea Phone Number now use Smart Bidding in their Google Ads accounts. Changes to keyword match types are design with performance and Smart Bidding in mind . To deliver personalized ads to the right users at the right time, Google recommends that advertisers use responsive search ads with broad-matched keywords and Smart Bidding.

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Create a stunning responsive search ad with 4 ad extensions and includes the now tested image ad extension. Phrase match has been chang to complement changes to broad match and Smart Bidding. When combined with Smart Bidding, phrase match can reach more of the right searches. Google’s understanding of search topics has been improv to make them more relevant to your keywords and ads. Insights – better and more automated Building on the recent launch of the new Insights tab in Google Ads, Google promises to release more automated insights to make it easier to explore trends relevant to your business.

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