You don’t understand why? The conversion rate of your site continues to drop despite your optimizations? Thinking about redesigning your website without really knowing where to start? The website audit is one of the most important steps in a digital project . It can be practiced at any time and especially before a major overhaul project . The goal of an audit is to find out what is working and what is not on your website. It gives you key performance and underperformance indicators of the existing one.

With this article, you will Israel Phone Number List all the tricks to carry out a complete audit of your website . Follow the leader ! Define the criteria for evaluating the audit of your website For several years, when we spoke of website audits, we spoke of technical audits . Today, the definition of the audit was extended to account for all components of a digital ecosystem  : the content ( think of your strategy ) , the design , the SEO , presence on social networks …

Before you jump headlong into the audit of your website begins z by defining the criteria that you want to evaluate with this audit . Depending on your site or the scope of your project, the evaluation criteria can actually be different s . If we take the example of an e-commerce site analysis of the sales tunnel is paramount , while for a site corporate we will focus more on the ergonomics and design .

Conversion Rates Dropping Despite Your Optimizations?

The SEO dimension of your audit Natural referencing (or SEO ) is based on 3 main pillars: Contents, The links, The technique. SEO The same goes for SEO auditing  ! To get an overview of the SEO dimension of your website, it is therefore interesting to analyze these 3 levels . Audit the content of your website The content available on your site allows you to be found on search engines . They must match the keywords that Internet users type in search engines!


Your content must therefore cover the entire semantic universe sought by Internet users . If you have a site that talks about frogs, people should be able to find your site by typing “frog” or by typing “green animal with big legs”. This content is all the more important that the search engines (Google in the lead), take more and more into account the concept of “search intention” . The search intention is the need, the deep motivation for which the Internet user carries out a search.

If we take the example above, what does the Internet user want who types “frog”? Know the physiology of the batrachian? Know how to cook it? Print drawings for her children? The search intention is the Holy Grail: by guessing the underlying research intention of a keyword, the engines guarantee the Internet user the highest relevance in the results displayed . And for you who write content, the principle is the same.

Drops In Traffic To Your Website?

You must use keywords , phrases , phrases , which belong to the semantic universe of the research intention of your targets , and which are necessarily different according to the stage of the life cycle of your Internet user. Also, the objective of the analysis of existing content is therefore to analyze their relevance with regard to: In search intent ; The number of keywords positioned ; The semantic cocoons proposed; The most read content ; Of contents that cause a high output rates ; …

This audit is key to allow you to understand the content that performs in terms of SEO , but also those that perform in terms of reading and engagement. Analyze the inbound and outbound links of your site We also assess the quality of your natural referencing through links, both those on your site and those pointing to your site. domain overview by SEMrush Overview of the “” domain via SEMrush. Here, it is mainly a question of analyzing:

The volume of inbound links (also analyze the total number of inbound domains versus the number of links : having a lot of inbound links from a single domain is not necessarily a positive factor) ; The quality of those links (if you work in the b ancy industry , is a link from a recipe blog relevant to you?) ; The internal mesh of your site (the more your pages will be linked to each other, the more we will understand the consistency of your content) ; Your current level of backlinks compared to your competition. Analysis of backlinks on SEMrush Analysis of backlinks via SEMrush.

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