Obviously, that’s not going to happen – mostly because it’s certainly not safe to do so now – but also because, well, it’s pointless. Yet that’s exactly what it’s like to try to stand out at Christmas. On the business side, everyone is trying to do the Portugal Phone Number thing. Everyone is trying to preach the same message. Everyone is sharing holiday and New Year deals. We’re even at a stage where everyone can try to make their own Christmas ad. Of course it’s a way to stand out at Christmas…if you’re a big brand with a huge following. no problem. You will dominate the share of the voice. But what about the little guy? Local business owners want to shout out too, but just don’t have a strong enough voice to match the voices of elite businesses?

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What can they do? Our advice to you – don’t follow the elite. Dare to be different. Dare to stand out in a completely different way. The holiday season is a special time for everyone — even during a pandemic — and there are a few things Portugal Phone Number can do to stand out. It might surprise you that it’s easier to implement than you might think. You may not know where to start doing this, but hopefully after reading this you may have some small ideas on what to do next to make sure your voice is as loud as everyone else in the room. What do you do in your local community? Christmas is a special time for many reasons, one of which is how charitable and generous our country has become to support causes and the most vulnerable at this time of year.

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This is what we do at Hallam as we work with the Emmanuel House Support Centre to support their annual Winter Appeal. Our staff came together to donate £1,000 worth of clothing, items, food and more, while several members of the team volunteered. One of the other best examples of giving back to the local community this year was in Hartlepool, where Middleton Grange shopping centre set up a landing page for its Giving Tree programme for customers to buy gifts to support local charities. Usually held in malls, this year it moved online with an initial goal of donating 1,500 gifts. An incredible 164,535 gifts have been purchased and donated at the time of writing – not just for children in Hartlepool, but for children across the UK!

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