That’s it, it’s official, deconfinement Seychelles Email List  will be launched on May 11. But no question of doing anything! At MV Group, we have worked on a particularly precise deconfinement plan intended for our agencies, and have decided to share our advice with you. As we all know, just because the lockdown ends in principle on May 11 does not mean that the virus will magically disappear. This is why we wanted to adapt the resumption of our activity , for example by choosing not to bring back all the employees at once. Nobody wants to be confined again a few days after the deconfinement, and it is in order to manage

this period as well as possible and to facilitate as much as possible the take-over of our employees that we have produced this guide to recovery at MV Group , which will be distributed to all our employees. The result of joint work by the Management Committee, Human Capital and Division Managers, this guide obviously concerns MV Group. However, we know that the majority of Small and Medium Enterprises or Mid-Size Enterprises, like us, live in this situation by managing uncertainties as well as possible. More than ever, we must stand together and lean on each other. This is why we have decided to share this guide with you ,

At Mv Group, A Takeover

so that it can serve as a source of inspiration and that you can draw from it ideas and advice that will help you structure your own disaster recovery plan. . We have detailed there the urgent and specific measures that we will implement to ensure the sanitary conditions necessary for the good health of the employees, but also more generally the operation of the company when the activity resumes Adapt the recovery to the context As you know, Covid-19, which belongs to the Coronavirus family, usually presents in mild form.


However, it can present serious forms in fragile or at risk people. While there is currently no vaccine or specific treatment, only compliance with preventive measures can limit the risk of infection. For us, these preventive measures are central to ensuring the safety and health of our employees, their families, and those of their customers. This is why we envisioned deconfinement as a real reorganization, both at the level of the workspace as such and of communication between the teams. The latest deconfinement measures in France announced by the government have enabled us to finalize this business resumption document . For us, this is more than just a guide.

Employees By Teams

A guarantee of transparency with our employees and our clients, it allows us to ensure that we will all follow the same guideline with a view to a common goal: to ensure business continuity in the best possible conditions and to limit the spread of the virus. At MV Group, a takeover of employees by teams We have taken special care in the organization of arrivals from May 11, 2020 . There are many of us in the premises: there was therefore no question of bringing everyone back at the same time, at the risk of not respecting the barrier gestures. We have therefore made the decision not to reincorporate all of the employees on May 11 in order to avoid the spread of the virus.

Like many other SMEs and mid-cap companies, we will thus allow gradual access to premises for volunteer employees, and further limit access to people at risk and / or likely to be in contact with large population flows (school children, transport in common, etc.). The compliance barrier gestures paramount being to limit the spread of the virus, we have also issued a charter to define precisely the use that employees can make local. Thus, at MV Group, we have decided to initially make the collective facilities of all our agencies inaccessible : in reaction, however, the hours of the people present in the premises will be rearranged. A guide to reorganizing your daily life In this guide

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