Do you know Steve Krug and his philosophy? The Adimeo team gives you its first impressions and the essential information to know about these Flupa UX Days in 4 articles. Here is the first! The UX Days is the largest French-speaking annual event dedicated to UX design: two days entirely Pitcairn Email List to the user experience, organized in the form of conferences and workshops. Steve Krug , famous UX design guru, was there. He gave us his vision of today’s UX design … Steve Krug’s philosophy Dark design, the enemy of the target user Book by Steve Krug: Don’t Make Me ThinkAfter revealing to us the release of his latest book “Don’t make me think”.


Steve Krug gives us a message of hope by making us aware of “dark design”. What is it about ? The “dark design” or “dark design pattern” is defined as a “digital design trick intended to deceive the target user of a digital interface (web page, app, etc.) to achieve a marketing or commercial objective, or even even, to carry out a scam or scam. ” Steve Krug explains that “Marketing has evolved and we have ways of knowing how to influence the user. It is not forbidden to receive money by designing something that appeals to the user. ” Then he tries to make us think: “Don’t stop working because you are working for evil. Getting paid is useful! “.

We Had The Immense Honor Of Meeting Steve Krug

But UX design also appeals to morals . Steve Krug challenges our common sense: “Do we really need to do this? What will users think about it? “. Indeed, there are more and more UX designers in France. And yet, how many of them would truly refuse a project that is not in line with their own values? Against all odds, Steve Krug urges us to carry out these projects. Why ? The charter and legislative framework aimed at standardizing the practice of UX design are still in the works. In the meantime, each UX designer must convince their customers to avoid these bad practices at all costs.

Otherwise, it is an effective way to learn how to thwart them later. Because it is by rubbing shoulders with clients who think otherwise that we can expose our vision of things to them in an ethical manner and get them to think about the consequences of dark design for the benefits of the company’s brand image. . It is therefore a great opportunity to “educate” them in the fundamental values ​​of UX while respecting the target user . Lorax or speaking on behalf of the target user lorax-target-user-flupa (1) Through the image of the Lorax, Steve Krug defines the designer’s posture.

On The Occasion Of Flupa Ux Days 2019

The Lorax is a creature imagined by Dr. Seuss who tries to protect a forest threatened by the greed of an industrialist. His famous phrase, well known to American children, is “I am the Lorax. I speak for the trees. I speak for the trees for the trees have no tongues.” . “I speak for the users”: “I speak for the target user”. This is the noble endeavor of UX: speaking on behalf of users and defending their interests. This thought pattern may clash with the different interests of decision makers , who may view UX as a means of manipulating the target user. UX must reconcile a certain ethics to business, and to assert, through its methods, the means to guarantee usability.

The usability of a website The richness of UX also comes from the concept of usability , or rather, by the ease of use of a product. This notion is already part of the design and development process. of a project, such as valuing usability tests and more specifically focus groups. In this sense, a few questions arise: Isn’t it better to see people use a product than to listen to them talk about it? What message do we want or should we send? What are the challenges and the duties of the creative process? Questions left to the free interpretation of each UX designer … Steve Krug concluded his intervention with a hopeful story. “When the last tree on Earth is cut down, perhaps one day a child will plant a new seed …” All hope is not lost!

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