The quality of the user experience is at the heart of the success of a mobile application project. Indeed, if you want your application to be used as often as possible, it is essential to make it simple, intuitive and efficient. User experience must be a priority, whether your application is your only communication channel with your target or whether it is part of a larger digital ecosystem . How do you go about improving the user experience (UX)? We give you our practical advice. Offer real added value Any mobile application must meet specific objectives.

It is not a question of Guam Email Lists an application in order to make an application, because it is trendy or because your Management Committee has asked you to. (Also read our article ” Why and when to develop a mobile application? “) Your mobile application must provide real added value that justifies that it be downloaded, stored and above all used. Indeed, if the French have an average of 28 applications on their smartphone, only 5 are used during the month according to Médiamétrie . In this context of volatility, to be part of the applications used , you must provide a differentiating use. Why should your customers use your app?

User Experience Is At The Heart Of The Success

It is by working on your value proposition that you will be able to guarantee the best experience and retain your users . optimize lux of your mobile applications Take into account the satisfaction criteria Mobile applications are not used in the same way as websites. They have their own types of use, the two most frequent being radically opposed. We can compare mobility navigation to snorkeling (as opposed to navigation with a bottle with a desktop or a tablet, during which you have time to look at the pages). The snorkeling is to seek information fast.


The user is in a hurry and does not want to spend a lot of time on it. Conversely, compulsive surfing consists of zapping from one application to another. This often happens when the user is in a waiting situation or on the move for example. He frantically browses his smartphone, hoping to find something that piques his interest. Thus, the most important criteria for users are: Speed ​​of access to information : this is the n ° 1 criterion! Users are unwilling to wait. The average attention span today is 8 seconds! Immediacy is the new normal. The content offered : the quality and relevance of the content offered by the application is obviously an essential parameter.

Of A Mobile Application Project. In Order For

In fact, poor or inadequate content is the second reason for uninstalling mobile applications. The ergonomics of the application : users want applications that are fluid and easy to use. Reliability and technical stability : there is nothing more annoying than an application that bugs or quits on its own! Design : the design of the application is only the 5th criterion for users. To optimize the UX of your mobile application , opt for a flat design approach, for example . Evaluate the usability and efficiency of your application

There are several methods to ensure the usability and efficiency of your mobile application: The creation of personas and user journeys : this allows you to better identify the expectations / needs and obstacles / objections of your targets, in order to be able to respond better to them. Field studies and surveys : this is a good way to better understand the contexts of use. You can choose a fly on the wall, focus group format or even in situ observations. The user testing : the tests can help you detect irritants in a position of use. If you don’t know how to do it, we can help!

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