to offer the best user experience to your visitors? What is UX design? How to implement a UX strategy? Why do user research? Why should we not miss out on user tests? We answer all your questions … The design of web projects has taken a new turn in recent years. From a vision that is sometimes self-centered on the organization, in which developments focused on the satisfaction of the sponsor, we have moved to a User-Centric vision , a user-centered approach .

Users are now at the Egypt Phone Numbers List of projects. The user experience seeks to design products at the service of users . It is then a question of confronting the theoretical conception (what we imagine of our users, the hypotheses of use of the product) with the real world.This meeting helps reveal usage trends, unknown behaviors, design errors, unidentified frustrations and unmet needs. From the subjectivity of a customer who prefers a green button to a blue button, we have moved on to the objectivity of a scientific approach :

we assume that the user prefers / understands / uses / likes green buttons, and if the experiment does not confirm it, we will test a blue button! This is how the concepts of user experience and UX design were born ! the-best-methods-for-user-experience-design Contents What is UX? Implement a UX strategy User research Co-design User tests What is UX? UX ( User Experience ) , or User Experience, refers to the quality of the overall experience experienced by the user in interaction with your product or service, and in our case with your digital device (website, mobile application … )

Want To Provide The Best User Experience (Ux) To Your Visitors?

These statistics alone sum up the importance of UX: 88% of users are less likely to return to a site if their experience was bad. 70% of online business fails because of a bad customer experience (Source: Gomez Report, Why Web Performance Matters ) The design UX is not limited to the graphics and visual interface. This involves designing a website to serve the end user so that it best adapts to the user’s typical journey and meets their expectations .


Many criteria must be taken into account: The information architecture : how to organize prioritize and organize information The graphic design and the UI (UI) that makes it attractive and desirable interface The functionalities : these are determined by the strategy, the business, which must meet the needs of the users to be used The usability or ergonomics of interfaces (UX design is not just about ergonomics!) The content strategy ,

The interaction design , which defines the sequence of screens, interactions between the user and the machine The user experience begins with first contact and continues throughout the user ‘s interactions with your product or service. And even (especially?) After ! Jesse James Garret sums up User Experience in 5 elements, from the most abstract to the most concrete : JJ Garret – The 5 Elements of User Experience (UX)See the pdf version of the 5 elements of the user experience UX designer Are you wondering what the job of UX Designer is ?

Do You Have A Digital Project?

It is called that today but a few years ago it was rather called “web ergonomist”. Why ? Because ergonomics , or usability, is a very important component of UX . However, to say that a UX designer does ergonomics is very simplistic! He is a technician and psychologist, artist and ergonomist … He links ergonomics to aesthetics, reason to emotion, practicality to maneuverability, and efficiency to attractiveness … overall mastery of all these elements that makes a good UX designer .

The UX designer has for missions the improvement and the optimization of the user experience . It aims to make your site or your application easily usable by everyone , whatever the medium used (tablet, smartphone, desktop …). It defines the scenarios and usage paths most suited to the target user. He then adopts the user’s point of view and favors interactions without difficulty or effort, without losing sight of the technical and business issues of the proposed product.

The UX designer must therefore be able to dialogue with the trades (business), users (user needs) and “technicians” (to integrate technical constraints into its design). ux-techno-business-userneeds What is the difference with the UI? Web Designer, UX Designer, UI Designer ? We get lost a bit … Let’s say, to put it simply, that Web Designer is a rather generic term and that UX and UI mean a “specialty”. UI and UX are often confused and ultimately quite inseparable from each other … Although their roles are different, the UX and the UI designer work in close collaboration .

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