Amazon has sold around 50 Algeria WhatsApp Number List  compatible with its Alexa voice assistant, the bulk of which are Echo speakers. However, it seems that the firm is struggling to convert its users, who for the most part do not place any order on the marketplace. According to a report on The Information , only 2% of Alexa users use it to order on Amazon. amazon-alexa-design-speakers-977296 90% of people who bought something through Alexa don’t repeat the transaction According to the report, most people who have purchased a product through Amazon’s voice assistant in the past do not start over. Users prefer to use it to listen to music, get information on the weather or even set alarms.


20% of them also use it to track their purchases made on other devices or be aware of the latest interesting offers. In the buying process, people generally prefer to see the item, read reviews and product tests, before comparing sites to buy at the best price. Tasks that cannot be done through a voice assistant. According to a study by and released last June, only 16% of owners of voice assistants use them at least once a month to make a purchase. Amazon is implementing ways to encourage people to make purchases by voice command According to Jo Jaquinta, Alexa skill developer, the assistant is more of a promotional tool for brands rather than a direct sales channel. To boost sales a little more through this, Amazon is seeking to promote Alexa Voice Shopping by offering discounts on products ordered via compatible devices.

90% of people who bought something through

Marketplace employees also plan to analyze user data, in order to find the right formula to encourage them to make more voice commands and thus develop a market that is struggling to start. Today, most of the people who order through Amazon assistants are purchasing home products. One of the firm’s tips could therefore be to push only specific products on the platform, The business messaging app Slack seeks to support its growth by raising $ 400 million, which the company is said to be valued at more than $ 7 billion. This would represent 2 billion more capitalizations than in September 2017, during the last fundraising. slack2018 This fundraising will allow Slack to support its growth, but also to fight against its competitors and in particular Microsoft Teams and Facebook Workplace. In terms of numbers, Slack claims more than 8 million users, including 3 million paying users.


These users come from more than 70,000 companies in more than 100 countries. We also learn that the United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, France and India are Slack’s largest external markets (more than 50% of daily users are located outside the United States). These figures may seem impressive, but a competitor like Microsoft is already very present with companies, from SMEs to large groups. The Redmond firm would already have 200,000 client companies of its Teams solution. Slack currently has 1,000 employees to support its development. Another possibility: converting files. The software supports the following (outgoing) formats: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, ePUB, many image formats (JPG, GIF, PNG…), HTML pages, RTF, HWP, HWPX files… It automatically recognizes objects (images, videos, etc.) and texts – even scanned, provided OCR is activated.

Amazon is implementing ways to encourage

OCR is optical character recognition. This is particularly useful for converting a scanned document into a PDF file for editing. The OCR function allows you to modify scanned sheets, delete content, search scanned documents, etc PDFelement is software designed by the Wondershare company. There are two desktop versions, for Windows and for Mac, and a mobile version for iPhone. The personal license for Windows costs 70 € (90 € with OCR), the Mac version costs 100 €. The commercial license for Windows costs 140 € (180 € with OCR), the Mac version costs 200 €. The prices are decreasing if you want to equip a fleet of computers, the academic license reserved for schools is also less expensive. You can try it before you buy it. Once your license is obtained, updates are free.


easily add content and fields using the Adobe editor, collect information from completed forms and interact with JavaScript code. Using Adobe Acrobat DC costs between $ 13 and $ 15 per month (Standard and Pro DC versions).On Windows Word, you can create fillable forms. Beforehand, you must activate the developer option by clicking on File, Options, Customize the ribbon and by checking “Developer” in the list of features on the right. Then click on Developer tab to create a PDF form. You have the usual possibilities: field, drop-down menu, checkbox etc.Power PDF desktop software designed by Nuance also allows you to create PDF forms. It incorporates field recognition technology to easily convert a non-fillable document into a PDF form with fields to fill. You can also scan a paper document to create a PDF file with checkboxes or fillable fields.

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