You can see which prices are getting clicks and see the potential to increase awareness by changing prices. More Augment Reality Product Experiences. An augment reality experience was launch last year for makeup products for lipsticks and eyeshadows. Foundation will be added to the AR suite later this year. AR clothing experiences will be rolled out so consumers can see how products fit different groups of people. Allow customers to choose companies they identify with 71% of consumers would prefer to buy from a company that aligns with their values.

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To help shoppers do this, Google is expanding the attributes that businesses can recognize as attributes on shopping labels. Business affinity attributes will include: Femdom black owned and other underrepresented communities Merchants on Woocommerce, Go-Daddy and Square make it easier to sell on Google Integrations are in development to Sweden Phone Number advertisers using Woocommerce, Go-Daddy and Square to list products in Google Merchant Center and display products on Google Shopping. This is an innovation that will be develop later in 2021. Google partners with Shopify to offer Shop Pay payments Google’s Shop Pay is one of the fastest payment methods on the Internet.

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The conversion rate is 2x the typical checkout conversion rate. Google is working with Shopify to allow Shopify sites to use Shop Pay. Three major trends Most of the changes announc at Google Marketing Live can be groud into  main trends. The pandemic has accelerated rapid shifts in behavior, such as changes in search volume. People need more than ever help navigating the complexities of choice. Such as the increasingly complex buying process.

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