With the Covid, we hear every day Papua New Guinea Email List  that the development of the Home Office calls into question the need for offices. Some companies such as Peugeot or Air-France have announced that they are making it a standard and drastically reducing the number of square meters, by imposing the Home Office or developing the Flex-Office. This strategy makes sense… but only from a financial point of view. We don’t even hear some banks say that they no longer finance the construction of offices because tomorrow there will simply be no more offices. Personally,

I have a totally different conviction and vision of the situation and the world of work. The period we are living shows us 2 things: Much discomfort, accentuated by teleworking Difficulty in building the border between work and home for some employees For many, work has penetrated the house and blows up this border which was already complicated to respect. Seeing your computer on the dining room table is a constant reminder of work, and the hassle that goes with it, especially since not everyone has good conditions at home for teleworking, and some even go so far. to reject their accommodation When we encounter a problem, an annoyance, we are alone in the face of its difficulty, we remain in loop,

Digital Park A Place Of Well-being And Exchange For Teams

since we exchange with no one (and the idea of ​​saying to ourselves we can make a video to talk about it, on the paper c ‘is possible, but in real life, it is not done. What replaces the informal and natural exchanges of the coffee break or the lunch? The visio aperitif? How many are still making 1 year later? ! A friend told me the other day, “Telecommuting is a delicious poison.” We do not realize that we are less well, we find that it’s cool, less transport time, but in the end we become unsociable. An employee told me, “I had to come back to the office to realize that in the end I was not at home” Some people no longer see that as a manual, teleworking and teleworking They are ok to continue on this condition of staying at home,


even if it means imposing their choice on the company, or even leaving it. Get up later, stay in slippers, take care of yourself less And in the end meet less people Refocus on yourself see self-focus It can be a conception, after all it’s not new that some people work at home but is it a business project? Digital Park a place of well-being and exchange for teams With the construction of our future head office at the Digital Park in Rennes (12,600m²) people often ask me if I am not afraid, with the development of teleworking, because there will be a need for fewer offices. Well no, not even afraid.

And Telecommuting In All Of This?

I am even convinced of the contrary. Because the period has shown something that we tended to forget, the office is the heart of the company “the village square” . A social place where we meet, discuss, have lunch together, we tell about our life, our weekend, our vacations, our joys, our sorrows. This allows them to be exteriorized and to feel that they are being listened to. In short, to live. In video, we do not live that! At MV Group, we have the ambition more than ever to make it the common place of the teams. A place where life is good Where everything is implemented for the well-being of everyone To be well in his head, well with his colleagues, to be on top for his clients

This is the reason why we have expanded services to employees: Nursery for children Concierge Wellness areas Game room Sports Hall Lounge area, terraces etc And telecommuting in all of this? This is not incompatible, our vision is to be able to find the right balance for everyone, some do not want it, others need it, but an imperative, it must also meet collective needs. The solution is in a good balance with 2 days per week for example, allowing to focus on its missions and also to develop collective intelligence. If employees want to be 100% teleworking, it is because ultimately they are not part of the company’s project. They say in this case, t

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