None of this should come as a surprise – it covers the basics so you can get up and running quickly. It can be extende to support subscriptions, so you can offer recurring deliveries or ongoing service. shipping You can geographically configure multiple potential destinations and charges with shipping zones and shipping categories that apply to specific products or product groups. If your Sri-Lanka Phone Number are more complex, table rate shipping is available and plugins are also available to support all popular courier services. pay Most major payment providers are supported. The options available depend on the provider (for example, some offer better subscription support than others), so it’s a good idea to decide which provider you want to use! Basic payment methods such as check and local pickup are also available taxi.

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Products can be adde with or without tax, and different tax rates can be configur for different countries. Of course, there are several plugins available to support VAT IDs, tax exemptions and automation. coupon A few simple coupon types are available and offer features such as percent and flat discounts, expiration dates, and various other usage restrictions. Report WooCommerce tracks your Sri-Lanka Phone Number stats and provides reports on orders, customers, inventory, and taxes. It’s a great way to track your store’s performance, and there are plenty of options to expand and integrate with other platforms and meet your needs. the other side of the coin WooCommerce is a good choice many times, but it’s not for everyone. Ah, but I have a big inventory?

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There are no clear technical limitations, but if you have a complex inventory. With hundreds of product attributes and cross-classifications, you may run into difficulties. Investing in best-in-class hosting/storage and a development team dedicated to optimization will do wonders here. OK, but WordPress isn’t my primary CMS? If you’re not keen on using WordPress as your primary CMS, then there are other options you can consider. However, WooCommerce comes with an API. This allows it to integrate with other systems, so it may still be an option. While WooCommerce offers many great features out of the box, you’ll need a development team to help with your. Specific needs welcome again Hopefully you now understand what WooCommerce has to offer. How you can take advantage of this very successful platform. Drop us a line if you’d like to explore WooCommerce as an option for your online store.

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