Just set up a new tab in GTM with the same trigger, choose an event name and register it in GA4 and you’re ready to earn. interesting new features debug view As our resident profiling problem monkey, the debug view is a lifesaver and my favorite new feature. It enables you to view a history of all actions taken while GTM is in preview mode or the GA debug extension is active. This makes determining Phone Number something works a trivial exercise. Before, you had to rely on yourself to see the live view, which can be a nightmare if you have high traffic. Debug view in GA4 All events in the debug view can be clicked to see more details Improved user flow (now called Path Analysis) UA user flow reporting is terrible. It looks beautiful at first, but trying to get anything useful out of it is impossible.

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You can now choose any event as a starting point, not just a session start. For example, I might want to see those accessed through the service page, so I use the events I set up as my starting point for tracking. New User Flowchart in GA4 But even better than that, you can now do reverse path analysis too. This can be used to see how the user actually got to the transition point. Alternatively, you can Phone Number select other events of your interest as the source. Reverse user flow in GA4funnel All marketers love a good funnel, and now you can make your own for your website. Previously, this was largely the domain of Enhanced E-Commerce and all its Sessions > Sessions with Product Views > Sessions with Shopping Basket Additions > Transaction Flow. But now with funnels, you can use events to define your own website flow.

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Simple funnel in GA4 Basic example of funnel types you can set up for your lead generation site segment overlap This is the best new way to create new audiences. No need to fumble in advanced segmentation tools. Now you can add each condition of your new audience to this handy visualization tool and be able to see the overlap right before your eyes. You can then easily export said overlays to new audiences that you can use across the platform. Very convenient. New segment GA4 Right-clicking the selection will enable you to create a new segment in conclusion In this article, we’ve only scratched the surface of what’s possible with GA4. There is no downside to setting it to run in parallel. So what are you waiting for, load your GTM and fire these events.

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