The Android Messages application Colombia WhatsApp Number List  enriched with new features, including the so much dreamed of sending SMS from your computer. In total, 5 major features will be deployed in this update. 1. Send SMS from your computer In its press release, Google reveals that sending SMS from the Android Messages desktop application is now possible. From today and throughout the week, the feature will be rolled out across the world . Once the update is available, you will have to go to the “More options” menu and select “Messages for the Web” to send text, stickers, emoji and images

in your SMS. 1_9i1yhaa-max-1000×1000-jpg 2. Accompany your messages with a GIF With the new version of Messages, it will also be much easier to send GIFs with your texts. A GIF search and selection function will be accessible via the “+” button positioned to the left of the text area. 2_ayblpf4-max-1000×1000-jpg 3. Quick messages appear Already available in Gmail, the function of quick messages or Smart Reply is also available on Android Messages. The app will suggest a few quick answers in your conversation to react in one click. In its press release, Google specifies that English is only available for the moment, other languages ​​will be integrated soon. 3-smarts-3-max-1000×1000-jpg 4.

Send Sms From Your Computer

Link preview in conversations Much more pleasing to the eye and to find out what the hell is going on, link preview has become a reflex for many chat apps. Messages is therefore on the page by incorporating a visual and a beginning of text on the links sent in a discussion. 4_rbfmztf-max-1000×1000-jpg 5. One-click password copy Also very practical, the latest feature of Messages allows you to copy in a single gesture the unique passwords sent to your phone. If you’re a fan of two-factor authentication on the various platforms you employ, the process is not unfamiliar to you.


Google thus simplifies the connection by offering to copy and paste a verification code found in the text of the SMS. Effective. The Digital Benchmark project, that we will be more and more competent in terms of analysis, the staffing of the teams going hand in hand. As in any company, the future is also emerging with meetings, the development of employees and the freedom we have thanks to the confidence shown in us by our members for 20 years. ,it is the documented use which should motivate to choose one of the terms rather than the other, according to the message

Accompany Your Messages With A Gif

the context or quite simply the interlocutor (my great -mother knows the term digital but probably not digital). And from a semantic point of view, two words allow the introduction of nuances and neither poetry nor thought will criticize semantics for that! Linguistics like all the other language sciences is in no way prescriptive, it is above all descriptive. She observes, she investigates, she studies phenomena in order to identify facts; she tries to understand in order to explain (or the reverse, depending on linguistic trends). How I laughed when the Académie Française prescribed the use of digital and explained thatdigital is not appropriate.

They may point out that digital in French and digital in English have meanings that do not overlap, it is clear that their uses do! In any case, the Académie Française is prescriptive, normative and has a grudge against Anglicisms and any form of neologism. I believe that they do not live in our world and that their ideology is by definition non-linguistic. In addition, it is better not to be Anglophile with them. It should be remembered that a few years ago they advocated using the neologism “vacancelles” to replace the English term “week-end”. Of a ridiculous nameless.

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