If you rely solely on search volume data, you may not be able to understand which products are the most popular, which products should invest in building their pages, and which products should be served through ads. If you haven’t Whatsapp Mobile Number done so, you should integrate Google Trends data into your keyword research and content plans to stay nimble and adapt to your audience’s needs. How else can Google Trends help? In September 2020, Google itself disclosed data on search trends related to COVID-19 symptoms . The data consists primarily of search volumes for more than 400 symptoms, signs and health conditions.

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Goal Effectively track the spread of disease by user search terms. Critics argue that Google Trends data shouldn’t be relied on because it doesn’t always match real-world data. Still, Google Trends data is another data source and tool Whatsapp Mobile Number can use to fight the pandemic. If you’re interested in reading more and getting the latest search insights from Google Trends, check out their collection of articles here . What can I do with Google Trends? OK, let’s get down to business. The potential uses for Google Trends are endless, but here’s a quick step-by-step guide to using Google Trends to benefit your business. Know your audience E-Commerce Product Keyword Research Identify seasonal trends brand awareness campaign Big Data, Advanced Positioning Discover trending topics Use it for fun!

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However, during the first period of lockdown, we saw a huge shift to digital. The expected rise in SEO as a search term, more so than Google Ads or even social media. 2. Use Google Trends to Find Products for Your Ecommerce. Site You can use Google Trends to help you find ideas for products to sell. On your e-commerce site, or even help you come up with new retail business ideas. Let’s say I want to build a website in the UK that sells virtual reality headsets. I would enter some variation of the product term in Google Trends and select the option to show UK data since 2004. Here I searched for “VR headset:” VR Headset Google Trends As you can see, search volume was low until December 2016 with a big spike, and has since leveled off.

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