For some time now, we have seen a number of articles flourishing in the press and on the web about “cleaners of the net”. While it is true that the chosen term Turkey Email List above all to popularize our profession, we cannot help being annoyed by certain shortcuts. 50A wants to speak up and reestablish a little the truth about what we are trying to sell to the general public.

The web is a living organism, constantly and chaotically fed by its users and nothing and no one can claim to control or suppress it. Unable to go against this self-regulation, we necessarily smile when we hear about “cleaning”. Cleaning implies bleaching, bleaching or even dissolution with acid if your name is Leon. When cleaned, a stain never threatens to reappear if the carpet is lifted. In e-reputation, yes, there is always a risk.

At The End Of The Cleaner Is Added A Number: 9.90.

In euros, per month, this is what the Reputation Squad agency offers in partnership with the insurer SwissLife to protect the e-reputation of individuals. Given the massive use of Facebook in recent years, all the more exciting Internet users to worry about when will we say virtual, what would such a service to individuals correspond to?

Turkey Email List

A tacitly renewable one-year employment contract. So of course, like any insurance, it becomes useful when you have a problem. For 120 ′ per year, can we be reassured of having a solid e-reputation, in the hands of a Swiss insurer and an agency of specialists?

E-reputation Is So Easy!

The insurance of these cleaners only intervenes at the legal level. The danger with such popularization of our skills is multiple. First, it trivializes legal intervention at the slightest problem. This goes against our main advice: to initiate dialogue and turn a negative experience into a positive, any buzz, negative or positive that can be used to a better purpose.

Then it discredits our professional action with potential customers who, aware of such services, will no longer understand why our offer does not align with those of the competition. Finally, it transforms a real social problem into a marketing opportunity to which professionals are trying to find a solution.

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