For the 2018 year, New Soft climbs Canada WhatsApp Number List  At Work ranking in the category of companies from 1000 to 4999 employees, 1 st ESN where employees are happy and motivated. The employees of the IT and technology consulting company did not hesitate to express their satisfaction with the working atmosphere. Wafa ABDA , Director of Human Resources and Communication of the Néo-Soft Group, thus unveils the company’s HR policy, the little extras that have made it possible to effectively engage employees. What were the key criteria that led you to obtain the Happy at Work label? We have chosen the Happy at Work label because the ranking is exclusively based on the level of participation and the score assigned by our employees. It therefore precisely reflects their opinion because they are the ones who are most able to speak.

The main criterion of our success is consistency between the speech we speak, the commitments we make and the reality experienced by the employees within the Group. We have a line of conduct set out in the “PACTE Néo”. This PACT brings together our fundamental values: Proximity, Support, Growth, Technology and Commitment. codir_wafa_2 Wafa ABDA, Director of Human Resources and Communication of the Néo-Soft Group Since its creation in 2005, Néo-Soft has wanted to differentiate itself by taking into consideration the constraints encountered by consultants. Today, subjects such as well-being at work or CSR are at the heart of concerns, 13 years ago the founders of Néo-Soft were already aware of this.

What Were The Key Criteria

This is why we do not include a mobility clause in employment contracts in order to preserve the balance between private and professional life, we have been Lucie labeled since 2013, ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified. Our quality department controls compliance with our managerial commitments, HR and commercial processes as well as the application of the charters that we sign. These certifications are not acquired, it is necessary to continuously improve and innovate. What do you think makes the company special compared to other ESNs? Was this decisive for the Happy at Work label? The peculiarity of Néo-Soft is first of all the proximity! The last two years have been marked by new establishments and takeovers of companies which have enabled us to exceed a workforce of 1,000 employees.


With 14 agencies, including an agency in Tunis, we have human-sized entities. We want to continue our growth to gain visibility and diversify our expertise. Our employees are passionate about technology, one of the loyalty levers is certainly our ability to offer them projects with development prospects. We have set up “WikiDéj ‘” during which we discuss technical subjects. These presentations are led by members of our pole dedicated to innovation and technology watch. Pay equity is also a central subject, How do your employees describe the working atmosphere of Néo-Soft? What are you doing to improve the well-being of employees? In view of the results of the HAW survey, the working atmosphere is quite good.

What Do You Think Makes The Company

We have organized our largest agencies into several Business Units in order to strengthen their sense of belonging and to have business cohesion. They can thus share moments with their colleagues during different activities and meet at tech-savvy events to which they are regularly invited. When the sun goes down productivity goes up On a daily basis, you can invest in several devices but nothing replaces listening and keeping commitments. We are convinced that the quality of managerial follow-up, the reliability of the HR department and the consideration of the constraints encountered by the consultants are the essential ingredients of the bond of trust. It is through this bond of trust that we can improve their well-being, they are the ones who submit most of the ideas to us during their annual interviews or in the internal satisfaction survey.

The needs and requirements of employees have greatly evolved in recent years (teleworking, flexibility, social cohesion, etc.) How do you respond to these new ways of working? We often talk about the changing needs and requirements of employees, but those of the company are also changing. In a highly competitive sector where customer demands are increasing and the scarcity of profiles is increasing, we must be at the forefront of HR innovation. We set up a teleworking agreement in 2014, which was then a precursor for a company which only had 500 employees, it is now part of Néo-Soft’s DNA. The new ways of working are geared towards the employee’s desire to create and undertake.

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