We French have always been full Panama Email List of paradoxes. Everyone asks for well-being at work n and in their life and for benevolence. But in the actions, it is clear that it is sometimes (see often) the opposite. You just have to see what is happening in the streets now for each event, or on weekends. Threats, brutality, destruction of property belonging to innocent French people, courageous traders, or even public property financed by our taxes, and all this to defend a cause. I do not go into the relevance of these causes, but in the way of doing things. How can we deliberately prevent citizens from working or doing what they have chosen, or quite simply from accepting their opinions?

We French like to lecture the world and explain the importance of democracy. But is democracy imposing its opinion on others, by all means, even when it is only a minority? It must be said that for years, our politicians, no longer exchange, their mode of communication has become a permanent insult. Never listen to the other, never retain the idea of ​​others for the simple reason that they come from another camp! We are constantly talking about collective intelligence, it is developing in certain companies, but in public life, where is it? How can we be so illogical? No time to read this article? Watch the video ! Where is our know-how to live together? Why has France lost this knowledge of living together?

Where Is Our Know-how To Live Together?

I don’t know and the reasons are certainly many, but this dichotomy between the evolution of the business world which is gradually moving towards well-being at work and this tension outside is in my opinion paradoxical, because for everyone of us, it’s the same life. Personally, I regret that the whole country is not moving forward in unison to improve everyone’s situations and in a peaceful manner, as the Nordic countries know how to do . My greatest pride At MV Group, we have put a lot of things in place for 10 years to all live the best possible moments together, to serve our customers well, but respecting each person’s personalities and different opinions. But one point has been my greatest pride since the start of this adventure, a point so simple and so natural, a point which


is the beginning of knowing how to live together, and that many seem to have forgotten (or neglected), just knowing how to say “Hello.” “. Not the “mechanical” or not sincere hello, the real hello which sends back the image to the other that one is happy to see him or to see him again. Saying hello to each other every morning (even when there are 170 at the head office), and knowing how to say it to each visitor, is one of the points that gives me the most pleasure and of which I am the most proud (I have simple joys in life ) Every time I receive guests, whether they are partners, customers, suppliers, or candidate, everyone before starting says to me “I have to tell you a few things (I know what will be said to me)

My Greatest Pride

it’s incredible, I waited 5 minutes at the entrance and all the people I met said hello with a big smile, asked me if I was being taken care of, and if I wanted a drink ”. Everyone brings it up and explains that it gives an excellent image of the company, and that behind the positive image it gives off on the outside, it is even more powerful on the inside. What a pleasure when you are employees and even more the boss! But what appeals to me the most and finally what is surprising, we are just congratulating ourselves that people say hello! And shouldn’t that just be the basis? In fact today, we simply stand out because these basics do not exist everywhere (it’s like when you call back someone and we thank you for calling them back

In the end, it just seems amazing to me. How it is possible ? How do you build a great team where life is good, or you feel good in your job, or in your company, if you don’t already say hello in the morning, or you aren’t interested in each other? We can do what we want, put a table football or a fruit basket, all that will not change anything. The company can drive this situation. I myself have spoken on this subject twice in 10 years to make the teams aware of these points which may seem like details but which in the end are fundamental for the well-being of everyone. My pride is that today, this is part of the group’s culture . All the new employees have been candidates,

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