When using the Internet every day, Netherlands WhatsApp Number List  tend to forget how much sites and services change. Whether it is logos, ergonomics, design or graphic identity, the “big” web services have all undergone major changes, sometimes with some very marked breaks. To relive these developments, Kapwing has just launched a very interesting service: Museum of Websites . The site looks in particular at Google, Amazon, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, AirBnb, Twitter, Yelp, Yahoo or the New York Times. For each site you review, you’ll get a preview of the design when it launches, along with a short review of each significant development.

We can see how far some sites such as AirBnb have traveled in a short time. The latter, launched in 2008, has nothing to do with it today … This dive in time is always quite fascinating, and allows you to take a step back on the graphic modes and the evolutions. The database will be enriched over time and will offer analysis of other websites. To visit this web museum, go to this link .Google and messaging are complicated: from Hangouts to Android Messages, including Allo and Duo… At least four different applications are available to users. Developments continue in parallel on these tools, while at Apple, users are centralized on a single application, iMessage. To compete with iMessage and above all to improve the experience of Android users

Android Messages, Hangouts, Duo Or Allo?

ogle will (finally) refocus its developments on a single application. Android Messages, Hangouts, Duo or Allo? Google had the good idea not to create a new app, but to focus its efforts on improving an existing app. The lucky winner could have been Allo: the application already has advanced features, but it is struggling to be adopted by the general public. Google has therefore decided to set its sights on a much more used mobile application – and installed by default on many phones. Android Messages, an app used by over 100 million people, will be the No.1 priority to compete with iMessage. A new standard to modernize SMS To achieve its ends, Google is developing a technology called Chat, based on a standard, RCS Universal Profile.


Go The aim is to offer a modern alternative to SMS. Google has been trying for several years to bring together the various mobile players (operators, manufacturers and developers of operating systems). Google’s appeal was heard by Microsoft on the OS side, by 11 manufacturers (including Samsung, Huawei, LG, Lenovo, HTC…) and 55 operators (notably Orange for the French market). The argument put forward by Google to operators is as follows: “SMS will be replaced, one way or another. You can be part of the replacement process or continue to watch Apple and Facebook strengthen their positions in this segment ”

A New Standard To Modernize Sms

An open strategy, different from that of Apple Google’s strategy differs here from that of Apple: the Mountain View firm is working on a standard, while that of Cupertino is developing iMessage in isolation. This will allow Google to improve Android Messages based on Chat technology. Other manufacturers, such as Samsung or LG, will offer compatible messaging systems. You will therefore soon be able to send enriched messages to other users of Android smartphones, without worrying about the manufacturer of the telephone of your interlocutor or the application used. You simply won’t be able to send rich messages to those who don’t have an app that supports Chat technology.

And ” nobody outside Apple knows when (or if) the iPhone will support Chat” , specifies The Verge, who met Anil Sabharwal, Google’s Vice President in charge of the project. Upcoming improvements to Android Messages Android Messages will therefore (finally) improve. Among the expected features we can cite group messages, smart replies, Google Assistant integration or other third-party services. Companies will probably be able to create bots compatible with all these messaging systems. A web version will also be offered. Android Messages will probably look like Allo (with SMS) in the long term. The major difference with Allo, the Google+ messaging system , is that you will be able to interact with many people, as many people will be using messaging systems that are compatible with Chat technology.

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