This means it can seriously disrupt the way you operate, but it also brings some major advantages. At this stage in the GA4 life cycle, it still lacks some functionality, so the current standard recommendation is to run GA4 at the same time as Venezuela Phone Number Universal Analytics, which is your current version of Google Analytics. Let’s take a look at what some of these changes mean… event-based model The main change in GA4 is a shift in the data model. Previously, the GA could send two types of hits. Page view or event. This division of hit types is now gone, and GA has moved to a 100% event-based model, like many other modern analytics applications like Adobe.

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The events themselves have also changed. Previously all events had , and whatever event you create had to be shoved into this format. Instead, we now have a more generic “Event Name” and “Event Parameters” setting, the latter of which you can have as many as you want. To give you an example of how this works in practice, let’s take a look at our new page View Events. This is the same as any other Venezuela Phone Number in GA4, the event name is. The actual details of the viewing page will be passe as parameters. Specifically the page location and page title parameters, which give the URL and page title, respectively. Some examples of parameters in page view event. Some parameters in page view event Implementation and Basic Conversion Tracking Now, while the way GA4 works may have chang a lot, actually implementing the core of GA4 isn’t particularly complicat.

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Create an attribute, get the measurement ID, insert the GTM tag and congratulate you for “installing” GA4. Blog post ends. Tag Types in GTM Just select the GA4 configuration tag type in GTM However, this is just a basic setting to give you page views and nothing else. So let’s talk about the actual configuration. For starters, conversion tracking has a big change. Since there is no separate page view click type, all conversions are now events. To be precise, you now define an event name as a conversion action. Crucially, this means that conversion tracking doesn’t care about your parameters, only the name. This makes tracking destinations (such as thank you pages) slightly more complicated than before. To replicate this functionality, all you need to do is create a new event in GA4 that fires when viewing the thank you page.

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