In 3 months, US e-commerce achieved 10 years of growth and global advertiser user behavior changed. This year, we will see Corvid continue to have an impact, but for advertisers and users, the topic of privacy will also Iceland Phone Number dominate. It certainly dominated this year’s Google Marketing Live event, with themes running through the different conversations. Driven by Apple’s IOS 14.5 privacy priorities, Google is keen to demonstrate that they, too, are committ to giving privacy control back to users at this year’s Marketing Live event.

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With 81% of people in a recent Google survey saying that the potential risks they face regarding the data they collect far outweigh the benefits, it’s clear that Google and the industry at large need to do more to Iceland Phone Number regain user trust. What Google Says About Privacy When third-party cookies end next year, Google promises not to replace them with user-identifiable alternatives. First-party data is key Google talks about how we need to use consented first-party data. Google recommends that advertisers lay the groundwork for first-party data by developing plans for the collection and use of consented first-party data.

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works on new technology that prioritizes privacy The Google Chrome Privacy Sandbox will help developers test privacy and data consent. Google Consent Mode is also releas for Google Tag Manager in 2020. Consent Iceland Phone Number mode can be introduce using Google Tag Manager. You can enable these settings in your Google Tag Manager account now. Data loss is inevitable To address this, Google will use modeling transformations. Automation, and machine learning that will help provide privacy-safe measurements. Insights are available in Google Analytics G4A even if consent is not available.

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