Web 2.0 has become much more French Polynesia Email List  than a fad. Once confined to specialists in the sector, this expression quickly spread to become an almost common word. Too common? At present, everything is becoming 2.0: the web, companies, lifestyles… And by dint of variations, it is clear that ‘the word 2.0 does not mean much anymore… The proof with the Is it site 2.0? which proposes to note houses, peoples, animals or even objects to find out if they are really 2.0. The concept is vague and in my opinion oscillates between two trends: – Helping to define a term whose meaning has gradually been lost by associating it with everyday objects – surfing the wave 2.0 (but with a little delay …) and enjoy a guaranteed buzz

suggest you discover this site and the features it offers a little more closely. Via Jarodxxx You will understand, the principle of the site is to vote for everyday objects to determine if they are 2.0 or not. The site itself is a real exercise in style, incorporating the main elements of community sites 2. 0: Tagging system for each object / photo presented on the site Possibility for members to add photos of their choice Possibility to leave comments Classification system of members according to their participation A very design…. how to say…. Oh yes ! 2.0. It is possible to vote and add photos in several categories: Objects Humans Country Animals Food House For the moment, it emerges that the most 2.0 are Angelina Jolie,

Everything For Them

France, the emperor penguin and strawberries… isit20 In the end, the site has little interest but it should be a resounding success for a few days if the buzz spreads. To see out of curiosity! The site Is it 2.0?As you probably know, International Women’s Day will be celebrated on Sunday March 8 . For the occasion, the Friday newspaper is releasing a special issue. I introduced you to the concept of this weekly when it was launched. Its particularity is to select and publish content from the web . Blogs and news sites are thus scrutinized to offer the best of the Internet on paper. The result is of very good quality and offers a different approach to the information. This special issue promises to be fascinating! The female blogospherefull of talented editors, this will be the opportunity to better discover them.


For the occasion, the Women Committed collective is in charge. Controversies have of course erupted, some not appreciating this approach . I would not dwell on this debate, giving more visibility to blogs that are too often forgotten can only be positive, the main limitation being rather to do it only once a year. This symbolic act is good, so let’s salute the initiative! Image credit On the occasion of Women’s Day, I also suggest you discover about fifteen blogs that deserve a look. This is the opportunity to (re) discover the blogs of our platform but also other quality blogs. The selection is necessarily subjective … Do not hesitate to tell me your favorites in the comments! Yesteryear TV and today’s tools

The Tribulations Of A Cashier

the digital peregrinations of an audiovisual producer. Fair analyzes and original topics written by an active blogger. Everything for them : many resources to help women succeed in their professional lives . The blog has a real community, the comments are often interesting and the subjects covered are varied. Blog Job & Com : a rare quality of writing , a real sense of the story… Files on business creation and teleworking will interest more than one. Fadhila Brahimi : if you read this blog regularly, you necessarily know her. Jury of our blogging competition last summer, she deals with digital identity, coaching and personal branding from every angle. Intervening in the prevention of occupational risks

stress, harassment, working conditions, psycho-social risks, etc. Subjects that are too infrequently addressed are treated in a fine manner here with a wealth of supporting documentation. Helran : the tone here is more personal. Discover his adventure in Finland, his favorite movies and series and his daily discoveries. A real breath of fresh air . An ingenious engineer in bioinformatics… : popularization of science and job search are on the agenda. Once again, the themes are original and stand out from what can be found elsewhere! The tribulations of a cashier : this blog has become cult since the publication of the book. Discover the fabulous world of supermarkets (and the cashier’s job) through numerous testimonials. A real treat. Ampersand : the daily life of a freelance graphic designer , her favorites, her creations, her discoveries

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