We ourselves users of Super Marmite at 50A, we decided to meet the creators of the Uganda Email List so that they can tell us more about their project. This is how I spoke with Séverine Figuls, CMO of Super Marmite, who was kind enough to answer my questions.

Regarding blog posts we observe a fervor and an increase for Jean Luc Mélanchon and François Hollande.
The intensity on Facebook for Jean Luc Mélanchon is quite impressive… Marine le Pen is on the heels of…
Concerning the Fans of Nicolas Sarkozy, it smacks of the skeptic, but we can sense the rigorous and willing soldiers. On the one hand, the right and the left are back with Nicolas Sarkozy and François Hollande respectively, absorbing a large part of the noise (number of news, number of tweets, “like” Facebook) with a center, probably due to the personality of François Bayrou, in the congruent portion.

A Start-up Of Gourmets

Super Marmite really took off thanks to the LeWebParis event winning the first prize for originality in the start-up competition. The creators also took part in the StartUp Weekend , the site being a direct result of the second StartUpWeekend Paris in May 2010.

Uganda Email List

Recreate social links: on the site and in the real world
The main vocation of Super Marmite is to create a local network: the site allows you to find the dishes of your choice and geolocate the cooks to then go directly to their homes and leave with their lunch or dinner.

Bon Plan: “field” Community Manager Position To Be Filled

Super Marmite is the first geolocated gourmet social network. It allows individuals, like you and me, and whose fridge is empty or the desire to cook close to zero, to go and find a good home-made dish nearby at a lower cost.

As a bonus, Séverine told me that she was looking for a Community Manager in the field capable of managing the community online but also in the field, to meet cooks or local traders to develop the project. Super Pot. Super Marmite organizes as a bonus events to share in reality around the culinary desires of each. The next event is scheduled for July 20, follow them on Facebook and Twitter to find all the information.

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