Here is our last delivery of Tickets Equatorial Guinea Email List  of the week! There you will find many interesting links on web news, social networks and something to make you smile. Good reading ! News and tools facebook hackHow to transform Facebook into Netvibes using the like button? : valuable advice from Flavien, Facebook specialist. Simple Data Backup, a free software to back up your data : always practical! CircleMe, a social network by interests : and another social network, one! What women (and men) want on social networks : clichés, did you say clichés? The blogosphere never dies : fortunately … Google hires Kevin Rose, founder of Digg : the war for talent continues. Analysis and advice internet_est_mort.PNGInternet is dead :

applications are killing the web … Long live the web. Should we rush to the social media that make the news? : time is limited, do you always have to test everything? How to create a bad buzz on the Facebook page of its competitors? : another acid but clear-sighted post from Dr Enfoirus. Your mouths Internet users! : where we come back to the comments. The real cost of Social Media strategies : oh well, it’s not free? Politweet # 1: Twitter Reveals Candidate Automation : Good Use of Twitter in Politics. Relaxation klaire_biere.PNGReaders’ anti-mail # 5: beer : Klaire still makes us laugh so much, check out his last tour! Charlie Bit My Finger brought parents 160,000 dollars on Youtube : I want to say: that’s it ??? 11 infallible signs that your advertising agency knows nothing about website SEO

Simple Data Backup, A Free Software To Back Up Your Data

: and unfortunately it’s common … New Apple Logo and its product variations : a return of the Apple logo in color? Mmmhhhh. and is enriched with each mission carried out. The learners present their final project at the end of the training, in front of a jury of professionals. What will be the first training offered? The first course put online will train in the profession of community manager; it will be available on 1 st June 2018; We have trained more than 700 community managers face-to-face, this business expertise is invaluable for us to get to the essentials of the business and to offer training that meets the expectations of companies. Already Webinar presentations are organized the 1 st and March 15; to register, simply go to the website . We expect the launch of our training human resources assistant on 1 st December 2018.


Our courses can acquire a certified title, that is to say, a diploma recognized by the state and registered in RNCP; the first diploma available will allow you to obtain the title of community manager level II. Particular work done on the relevance of search engines and the criteria proposed was also in this direction. Putting the private / professional life balance at the center of our services: this is an increasingly high expectation among French employees: to succeed in reconciling their private life with their professional obligations. We integrate this expectation into our sites by adding services or criteria specific to our sites, such as the calculation of the distance between home and work place on ParisJob or the mention Teleworking in job offers. This work is carried out by many teams within our company,

Google Hires Kevin Rose, Founder Of Digg

whether they are dedicated to a particular community or whether they are working on mechanisms and know-how common to our services. Over the past two years, a strong investment has been made to recruit and strengthen our team and give us the means to achieve our ambitions. This is how we were able to innovate technically, maintain a strong link with our customers but also develop our community approach and meet the needs and expectations of our users. We are convinced that the quantified success of 2017 owes a lot to the quality of the service we provided to candidates and recruiters. This is why our wish for 2018 is to be always more useful for our users! China is moving very quickly and the challenge for Western organizations to take advantage of this vitality is to be fast, agile and opportunistic.

One of the opportunities is of course to identify, in a bloated landscape, the many players who deserve their attention. The digital dynamism and Chinese innovation require more than this “obviousness”, even if they are far from being mastered. It is both the challenge that I set for myself and the ambition that I pursue so that China Connect is the best meeting place in “digital China”. What will be the main topics covered this year? Chinese digital and mobile tech marketing, the pillars of the event remain unchanged: social media, content / video, m-commerce, tourism, data, technological innovation in its multiple dimensions (from virtual / augmented reality to use of blockchain and mobile payment)

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