A Google Shopping campaign makes it possible to target better qualified prospects and to obtain – thanks to the images – more visibility. google shopping This is because the products appear in the results of universal search . google Netherlands Email List ads The integration of its products on Google Shopping To appear in Google results, you must create a Google Merchant account and add your website. You will be asked to claim ownership of the site by validating the URL. Then just create a data feed of your products for the final submission.

Google’s submission rules are clear and it is necessary to read them well in order to create a catalog to import as “clean” under penalty of seeing its products suspended. Create your data flow On “turnkey” solutions such as prestashop, magento, etc., the Google Shopping module already exists. But if you need to create your flow, or simply because there are always surprises in IT, here are some tips FORMAT OF THE DOCUMENT TO BE PROVIDED The document to provide to Google is the list of your products including their different characteristics, the document can be provided in two different formats: in .xml in .txt You can find a complete list of supported formats on Google Help for Compatible File Formats.


The Integration Of Its Products On Google Shopping

The import is then done either manually by performing a direct import or by FTP provided by Google. The import can also be done automatically, by putting a Cron job on its server. REQUIRED FIELDS Identifier : the product identifier must be unique and can be used to display the statistics produced by product. Title : the title of the product is very important, and must have an SEO objective in order to position itself well. The title should not exceed 70 characters (exceeding it will cost you a warning but nothing penalizing). Description : A good short description but with as much detail as possible will allow it to appear on many long tail queries. Google product categories : This mention obliges you to classify your products according to Google categories, obviously the more precise they are the better.


This can bring a significant “plus”. Link : simply the link to the product in your online store. Image link : it is possible to assign several images to a single product, moreover inserting large images of good quality is preferable. Condition : mandatory mention using the term “new” or “used”. Availability : specifies if the product is in stock, out of stock, pre-order … Price : the price must be entered in the desired currency accompanied by the currency in question according to the ISO 4217 standard and including VAT EAN + manufacturer reference + brand : these 3 criteria are quite similar or even complementary. Depending on the products offered, Google may request that 2 of the 3 criteria be mentioned.


The Advantages and Disadvantages of Google Shopping

The EAN number is in a way the bar code of the product, the manufacturer reference is the code which allows the manufacturer to find his products and the brand is the brand of the product if it exists. COMPLEMENTARY FIELDS For clothes or shoes, the size can be specified as well as the color, the patterns, the material, the sex, the age group… It is also possible to realize packs in addition to the products sold alone, it is enough to ” indicate the identifier of the product sold alone as a group identifier. SHIPPING AND VAT The delivery rate is mandatory but there are two ways to interfere with its products: – Directly in the import file: useful if the shipping costs are specific for each item.

From the Google Shopping interface: settings> Taxes and delivery costs, particularly useful if the delivery costs are unique and always of the same amount. It is also possible to specify them according to the weight but the “weight” attribute must be specified in the data flow. DATA WITH OR WITHOUT QUOTES The import file must be standardized, i.e. put all the data in quotes or put nothing in quotes, it is then possible to configure the file so that it is taken into account with or without quotes (flow parameter ). FEEDBACK Our advice for easily and quickly creating and importing data into Google Shopping: read the rules defined by Google in its help . The main problems encountered during the different experiments: Warning to “.” or “,” when specifying prices and other numbers.

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