Responding to positive opinions is obviously recommended: you show your customers that their opinion is important to you and you thus establish a relationship of proximity and trust . Finally, do not be tempted by false opinions : Internet users are not fooled! The effectiveness of Call-To-Action A Call-to-Action (or CTA) , as the name suggests, calls for action. This little button that you place on your product page has the heavy task of transforming your visitors into customers ! Its design, size and location on the page are no coincidence and must be designed to meet the intentions and uses of the user.

Here, an example of a CTA Uruguay Phone Number List scrolls and accompanies navigation on a LeroyMerlin product sheet. At any time, the user can add the product to his basket without having to go back to the top of the page. e-commerce The wording of your CTA should also be meaningful. The message must be clear, impactful and inspiring . It is certain that an “Add to cart” button will be more attractive than a simple “Cart” button. Don’t underestimate the converting power of a CTA ! Amazon thus increased its turnover by € 300m by changing the wording of a button, simply by replacing a “Register” button with “Continue”. In fact, designers have noticed that users are frustrated when making a purchase by the obligation to create an account or to identify themselves.

And Understand The Root Cause

It becomes all the more complicated and frustrating when you have forgotten your login details! By clicking on the “Continue” button they can now easily validate their purchase without having to identify themselves and then have the possibility to create an account if they wish. From the product sheet, give examples of use and use Beyond the technical characteristics of the product, you must show the potential buyer how he can use your product on a daily basis. Put him in a situation! If you sell food, come up with recipe ideas. For a garment, show examples of outfits that highlight it …


Remember: the Internet user is in a virtual context. He cannot test your product, manipulate it and it is not always easy to imagine what it will look like or understand how to use it. You must reassure the potential buyer on the use of the product: if he is not sure how to use it correctly, he will not buy it. Photographs, explanatory text, user manual, videos …: all formats are allowed! Choose the one that seems most relevant to you. The LeroyMerlin site is the key example in this area: v ideos, explanations, community help and real-time responses… This improves referencing and reassures the user . This is how LeroyMerlin customers post photos of the products installed in their homes and respond directly to questions from potential customers.

Of The Customer’s Disappointment

Here is an example: product sheet – leroymerlin example Cross-sell and upsell These are marketing techniques aimed at increasing the value of the average basket by suggesting additional sales. We are faced with it every day, and not just on the internet! For example, you finish your lunch in a restaurant, the waiter offers you a dessert or a coffee to finish your meal: it’s cross-selling! You choose a washing machine and the seller shows you a more advanced model with a drying option (obviously more expensive): that’s up-selling! What is the difference between the two? You will no doubt have understood it: cross-selling is done through the sale of a complementary product and up-selling by the sale of a product with technical characteristics superior to the product of interest to the consumer. .

An example of cross-selling on an Ecommerce site: you visit the product sheet of a vacuum cleaner. You are offered to complete your purchase with a filter and compatible bags. cross-sell product sheet An example of up-selling on an Ecommerce site: you visit the product sheet of a € 19.90 phone. You are invited to compare the characteristics of the chosen telephone with three other products of better quality, and therefore necessarily more expensive … portable sale The whole stake lies in your ability to manage the relevance of the suggestions made to the consumer! Several options are available to you: Offer complementary products with the initial product,

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