As part of its F8 conference, Facebook Malta WhatsApp Number List  communicated on many new features, both on its platform and its various subsidiaries. Instagram was not left out and unveiled the latest updates. A share button on third-party applications Thus, we can count 4 major new features on the platform. The first concerns Story sharing, which will be simplified and more complete. It will now be possible to share your favorite song via Spotify or videos from your GoPro. With the arrival of the “Share” button on many third-party applications, editing and sending Stories will be done in a single gesture. Facebook explains in particular that the user will not have to connect his account to share his Stories.

New camera effects and Video Chat Instagram also announces the arrival of new camera effects, notably using augmented reality technology. “Creators will be able to design unique and interactive camera experiences for their Instagram followers. »Explains the platform. Video player 00:00 00:15 It will now be possible to communicate in real time via video on Instagram. Available on Instagram Direct in a few weeks, the user will be able to simply tap the new camera icon at the top of a live feed. He can then discuss one-to-one or with a small group, without time limit. It will also be possible to reduce the video and continue the conversation while doing other things on Instagram.

New Camera Effects And Video Chat

A new Explore thread and commitments against cyberbullying The arrival of a new design for the Explore feed was also announced by Instagram. Always personalized according to the user’s subscriptions, the content will now be organized into thematic channels in order to be able to navigate through the different areas of interest. The feature should be available soon. Finally Instagram wished to share its commitment against cyberstalking that is rampant on its platform. Instagram announces that it will filter offensive or hateful comments more effectively. This new filter is activated by default for all users, it is possible to deactivate it in the comments control menu.


“We are also developing our policies to guard against the intimidation of young public figures on our platform. Protecting our younger community members is crucial in helping them feel comfortable expressing who they are and what interests them. Added Kevin Systrom, Co-Founder and CEO of InstagramCambridge Analytica did not resist the scandal and is closing its doors. The company claims that various scandals related to the use of Facebook data have ended its business. Cambridge Analytica’s parent company, SCL Elections, has already filed for bankruptcy in the UK, and will be shutting down all of its activities, including in the US. According to the company, the media hype got the better of the trust of all its customers, but also of its partners. However, the firm recently asserted that many of the accusations were false,

A New Explore Thread And Commitments

but it does not seem really determined to defend itself… The increasingly high legal costs would also have motivated this decision. As a reminder, the company is accused of illegally collecting Facebook data from 87 million users, and of having used it to influence American voters during the last presidential election. The firm also boasted, via its CEO Alexander Nix ( interviewed on a hidden camera by Chanel 4) of being able to influence the elections , in particular in Kenya, including by using the service of “young Ukrainian girls”. Words that showed the moral integrity of the company and did not help raise the barIf you are interested in IT training at ORT Toulouse, a work-study dating job is organized on May 3 at the digital work-study center

Watching is essential for most professionals. But organizing your watch effectively is not easy. We can waste a lot of time while not accessing the expected information. To help you set up your monitoring, we have selected 3 tools and a few tips. These are the main services that we use internally, at the Moderator’s Blog, to determine each morning the topics that might interest web professionals who follow us. Feedly, to follow RSS feeds Social networks will not have buried RSS feeds. Although this technology is relatively old, its properties allow it to be still widely used. The principle is simple: the vast majority of news websites offer an RSS feed.

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