Instagram announces IGTV: a new Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List  vertical videos. Another particularity of the videos published on IGTV: they can last up to 1 hour. IGTV apps are available on Android and iOS starting today. You can also watch IGTV videos without leaving Instagram. igtv IGTV, an application with long vertical videos An IGTV application is available as of today on Android and iOS (links to the PlayStore and the AppStore). You can download and launch IGTV to access the videos. They can last up to an hour (compared to a single minute on Instagram) and are offered in full screen.

Instagram adopts the vertical format (like stories) to offer a more immersive experience on mobile. igtv-2 IGTV on Instagram In addition to this dedicated IGTV application, you can already access IGTV videos directly on Instagram, via a dedicated section. Just tap on the new IGTV icon, at the top right of the app. Just update Instagram on Android or iOS to get IGTV from the app. When a new video that may be of interest to you is published on IGTV, a notification will be integrated into Instagram as shown in the screenshot below. igtv-1 Follow creators and watch videos on IGTV IGTV is very easy to use on your mobile.

Igtv, An Application With Long Vertical Videos

The videos are launched automatically and you can easily discover them. Several streams are available: for you, subscriptions, popular and keep watching (to resume playing a video). The videos are displayed in full screen and the stream is offered at the bottom, just swipe from left to right to find a video. You can also search and create an IGTV channel. When viewing a video, it is suggested to interact (like or comment on an IGTV video). It is also possible to send it to a friend via Instagram Direct and copy the link. igtv-3 Create an IGTV channel As the screenshots above show, Instagram accounts can have an IGTV channel. IGTV channels are accessible from Instagram accounts (next to featured stories). To get IGTV on your profile, just go to the IGTV section of Instagram, hit the cogwheel and then click Create Channel .


You can then post vertical videos that will last up to an hour. By launching IGTV, Instagram wants to compete with YouTube and offer a new platform to amateur and professional videographers. Dedicated apps and Instagram integration should facilitate IGTV’s success. This is why we are putting in place a new system allowing employees to make their intraprenarial approach a reality, in particular through the acquisition of capital holdings for some of the spin-offs. We have the example of Fit Retail (a subsidiary dedicated to PLM businesses) and soon Lymeo (publisher of a GDPR processing mapping solution) which are the result of employee initiatives. They benefit from the support of the Group’s cross-functional teams such as the recruitment or communication department and integrate our commercial offer.

Igtv On Instagram

The IT sector is an area where it is difficult to recruit, what are your arguments for attracting talent? We have systems adapted to the different expectations of candidates. For example, in order to support our newly graduated employees to integrate into working life, we are offering them 3 months rent. We are currently overhauling our training policy, with coherent streams and job descriptions including the development of professions. We manage the Group training plan and the GPEC in order to guarantee the employability of all our employees, regardless of the agency to which they are attached. IT professionals are passionate, the diversity of clients and the richness of the projects are also important assets. Closeup side view of group of young IT experts completing a task, a part of their daily routine at IT company.

here are three men and a woman. A salary study is carried out each year in order to assess our contractual proposals in relation to the salary expectations of the candidates. This study reveals the potential differences and allows us to have a realistic vision of the different areas of activity. Our growth momentum fueled by our diversified areas of expertise, our ambition to anticipate our multiple customer needs and our CSR model have enabled us to hire 300 people in 2017. In 2018, we are planning to recruit 400 people. What kind of profiles catch your eye when recruiting talent? How are recruitments going? What are your lines of communication? Many ESN recruit only at Bac + 5, this is not the case.

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