Domo publishes an infographic Estonia WhatsApp Number List  the key figures of the Internet. It makes it easy to visualize the mass of data generated every minute. For its 2018 edition, Domo has decided to innovate: several infographics have been designed. You can thus find the major statistics of tech, media, retail, finance, tourism and social networks. 1 minute on the Internet in 2018: the global infographic Every minute, over 2 million snaps are sent. GIPHY delivers nearly 1.4 million GIFs, while 473,000 tweets are posted. 3.8 million requests are made on Google, 13 million text messages are sent and nearly 50,000 photos are published on Instagram. In the United States,

all the Internet figures by clicking here . Tech figures for 2018 In the tech sector, we learn that nearly 160 million emails are sent every minute. In terms of sales, smartphones are largely out of the game with 2,833 phones sold, against 357 computers and 331 tablets. Social media figures for 2018 On social networks, we find the figures mentioned in the first infographic: 2 million snaps are sent every minute and 4.2 million videos are viewed on the mobile application. LinkedIn welcomes 120 new users, 25,000 GIFs are sent via Messenger and nearly 50,000 photos are added to Instagram. Find all the social media figures by clicking here . Media figures for the year 2018

1 Minute On The Internet In 2018: The Global Infographic

over 3 million gigabytes of Internet data is consumed. All the key figures for 2018 are summarized in this global infographic. Find The platforms also declare important figures: more than 4 million videos are viewed on YouTube, nearly 100,000 hours of content are consumed on Netflix, 400 hours of videos are added on YouTube and 750,000 titles are listened to on Spotify. Figures for retail, tourism, finance … Domo has also gathered the figures for the retail, travel and finance sectors on the three infographics below. You can click on them to view them in high definition or click here to download them in PDF.
, ” , where the administrators will try to organize a run by time zone.


who run solo or meet at gatherings. A world-class run is even scheduled for September 15 for the “Run Cleaning Day”, where the administrators will try to organize a run by time zone.. hen they are targeted as a priority. The Senate recalls that Amazon is both a seller and a marketplace, that the tax would only apply to its activity as a seller and that the second activity would only be taxed at the level of the seller if its turnover is higher. to 50 million euros. Other measures to tax e-commerce sites Given these findings, the rapporteur “considers that other solutions must be sought to correct tax distortions”.

Tech Figures For 2018

He advises focusing on “the interstices of the tax system used by digital players [in order to] ensure effective collection of taxes due”. He also recalls that the provisions of the directive of 5 December 2017 have still not been transposed into French law while 5 billion euros in additional VAT revenue are expected (at European level) and that they will strengthen competition. Finally, he believes that other measures “adapted to the specificities of the model of players in the digital economy” can be developed. A turnover tax associated with a change in the criteria for qualifying a permanent establishment is envisaged (proposal of March 21 from the European Commission), as well as a qualification of e-commerce establishments as commercial areas

The Senate proposes to replace this “kilometer tax” by a specific tax “to which drives and storage warehouses would be subject”. E-commerce players should therefore avoid the kilometer tax (FEVAD was obviously opposed to the application of such a measure) but could soon be taxed more … The committee is indeed proposing to adopt Article 27 of the bill with the modifications made., in order to allow progression along the way. For their part, companies perceive the added value offered by these new profiles. Companies are indeed facing a shortage of engineers and IT experts. they cannot afford to call on them for so-called basic missions, which will not interest highly qualified profiles.

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